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How can I add repair device details on new ticket?

On Create Ticket page you can enter repair device details under the Device detail section. You will need to add the following information:

Device: You can either select the repair device from the drop down list or you can add new device by clicking Add New Device. A pop up appears where you can select manufacturer, add device name and add it to the list.

Task: Task is the repair problem that needs to be fixed. You can either select an already existing repair problem or you can add a new repair problem by clicking on Add New.

 IMEI / Serial Number: Type in the imei or serial number of the device

Status: Select the status of the task on hand.

Assigned to: The technician who is assigned the repair job. Select the technician from the drop down menu. 

Due Date: You can select the date and time when the device will be ready for the customer to pick up..

Repair Time: Timer activation option is activated when you save the device details. This shows how much time a technician took to complete a job. Set Repair Time for the ticket. Click on the plus icon to see a pop up window in which you can add hours or minutes.

Price: The price of repair. When you select the device and task it is automatically populated. However you can change it. 

Discount: This field is used in case you wish to give discount to the customer.

Tax: Select the tax class. If more than one tax classes are available you can choose from the drop down menu. 

GST: This displays the calculated tax on the price. You can set tax percentage in the settings.

You can add device's pre conditions by selecting Upload pre/post Repair Image.
You can assign the job to a technician from same page, add security code, mention the items supplied with the device and your comments as well.

Once all details are entered, click Add Line Item
to save the details or to add another job detail.

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