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Can I search any specific ticket?

Yes, you surely can.

1. Go to Repairs > Manage Tickets.
2. Click on Search Filter to show Filter settings. 
3. Apply a filter to search for a specific ticket by narrowing down your search. 

3. You can search tickets by applying multiple filters:

Search by ID/Name/Phone/IMEI: You can search tickets by ticket id, customer name, device model or IMEI.
Ticket Type: You can filter tickets by different types i.e. Repairs, Unlocking, etc
Ticket Status: You can filter tickets by ticket status.
Assigned To: You can search tickets by the ticket assignee.
From Date - To Date: You can search tickets by selecting dates from the calendar. 
Hide Closed Tickets (Trigger): Activate trigger to hide those tickets which have been closed from search results. 


Q. Can I export ticket details?

A. Yes. RepairDesk allows you to export a CSV file containing ticket details according to the parameters which you selected in Search Filter. 
To get this CSV file:
1. Set parameters in Search Filter
2. Click on Search button. 
3. Now click on Export Tickets button to download a CSV file. This file with contain details of tickets according to your search criteria. 

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