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Avalara Integration

What is Avalara?

Avalara is a company that provides cloud-based tax compliance solutions for businesses of all sizes. The company's platform helps automate various aspects of tax compliance, including sales tax, VAT (Value Added Tax), GST (Goods and Services Tax), and other transactional taxes. Avalara's software is designed to integrate with various accounting, e-commerce, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, making it easier for businesses to manage and stay compliant with their tax obligations.
Avalara's services include tax calculation, filing and remittance, exemption certificate management, and other tools to simplify the complex and ever-changing world of tax regulations. By automating these processes, Avalara aims to help businesses reduce the risk of errors and ensure they are in compliance with the latest tax laws in different jurisdictions.

Why Avalara?

From precision-driven calculations to global expertise, discover why businesses trust Avalara for seamless and accurate tax management.
  • Precision Through Regular Updates: Ensure pinpoint accuracy in your tax calculations by leveraging Avalara's commitment to regularly updated, address-specific tax rates. Stay ahead of regulatory changes and complexities with a system that evolves in tandem with the dynamic tax landscape.
  • Global Compliance Simplified: Access an extensive database encompassing tax content, rates, and rules for over 190 countries. Navigate the intricate web of international taxation effortlessly, armed with comprehensive and up-to-date information at your fingertips.
  • Tailored Rates for Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Transform your customer experience by implementing rates based on custom rules, applied seamlessly at the point of purchase. Provide your clientele with transparent and accurate pricing, building trust and satisfaction with every transaction.
  • Unwavering Data Security: Rest easy with Avalara's robust data protection measures. Our 24/7 Security Operations Center is dedicated to safeguarding your sensitive information, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your data around the clock. With Avalara, your data is not just secure; it's fortified.

Setting Up Avalara in RepairDesk: A Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these simple steps to seamlessly integrate Avalara into RepairDesk for efficient tax management:
  1. Navigate to Store Settings: Go to your RepairDesk dashboard and locate "Store Settings." Under the "Integrations" section, find and click on "Avalara."
  2. Initiate Connection: Click on "Connect" to initiate the configuration process. This will prompt you to set up your Avalara account within RepairDesk.
  3. Enable and Fill Mandatory Fields: Begin the setup by clicking "Enable." Fill in the mandatory fields, including your Account Number and License Key. (Get from your Avalara Settings as shown in image below)

This information is crucial for authenticating your connection. Once entered, proceed to the next step.

  1. Authentication Status: The status will automatically change to Connected from Diconnected, once the provided keys are authenticated successfully. This indicates a secure connection between RepairDesk and Avalara.
  1. Company Code (Optional): You have the option to add company code during setup, or you can skip this step for now. Choose the company code as per your configuration in Avalara.
  2. Set Default Tax Code: Define a default tax code that will be applied uniformly across all repair and product categories.
Note: This code will only be applied in the absence of product/repair/individual item code.
  1. Enable or Disable Document Recording: Choose whether to enable or disable Document Recording. Enabling this feature allows you to sync transaction invoices with Avalara, ensuring seamless tracking and compliance.

Tax Code for Product, Repair Categories & Individual Items

Tax Code can be assigned for Repair, Product and individual items.

- Tax Code for Repair Category

For Repair category, tax code can be added in the text field.

- Tax Code for Product Category

For Product category, tax code can be added in AvaTax Code column.

- Tax Code for Individual items and repairs

For individual items, tax code can be added in AvaTax code text field under Tax section.

For individual repairs, tax code can be added in AvaTax code text field under Repair Charges section.

Pos View

In POS screen, you can view the tax calculated by Avalara.

Note: Avalara Integration only works in the case of Ticket, Estimate and Invoice. 

By following these steps, you'll successfully integrate Avalara with RepairDesk, streamlining your tax management processes and ensuring accurate and efficient transactions.

Entity Use Code

Entity use codes play a crucial and indispensable role when it comes to categorizing and identifying reasons for exemption within the versatile AvaTax system. These codes serve as an essential tool for businesses that need to manage and apply tax exemptions accurately and efficiently. In practice, whenever there's a transaction that qualifies for a tax exemption, the appropriate entity use code must be applied to ensure compliance with tax laws and regulations.
As part of the finely-tuned capabilities of AvaTax, you are provided with the option to add a specific category that corresponds to the unique circumstances or qualification criteria of any customer in your database.

Void Transaction Scenario

It typically refers to a situation where a transaction that was previously recorded and possibly even processed needs to be canceled or voided for various reasons. This could be due to errors, customer requests, or other circumstances.
In this case, Avalara will also avoid recording that transaction.


  • Ensure all invoices with tax include a customer's country, post code, and state to avoid blocks or subscription queues. Audit customer addresses for completeness before taxing.
  • If you need the tax to be accurate based on the customer's address, make sure to add the customer before putting in any line item in POS.


Q - In which countries does Avalara operate?

A - Avalara is available in 190+ countries.

Q - Are there any additional costs associated with implementing or using the Avalara integration?

A - Please visit this page to learn more about Avalara’s pricing.

Q - How frequently are tax rates and regulations updated within the Avalara integration?

A - Avalara updates the tax rates and regulations frequently to ensure accurate tax compliance. For more information, please visit this page.

Q - Is dual tax handled in RepairDesk with Avalara?

A - Yes, RepairDesk supports dual tax functionality with Avalara. It integrates seamlessly with Avalara, allowing you to manage complex tax scenarios efficiently.

Q - Is the tax populated through Avalara in case of mail-in tickets or leads?

A - Yes, RepairDesk integrates with Avalara to ensure that tax is accurately calculated and populated for mail-in tickets and leads.

Q - Can the invoices be synced with Avalara?

A - Yes, in the configuration section, there is an option for “Document Recording”. Please enable it to sync your invoices to Avalara seamlessly.

Q - Can the tax code be applied to individual products?

A - Yes, you can apply tax codes to individual products by navigating to Inventory, selecting Products, clicking on the specific product, and adding the appropriate tax code

Q - In which module can I get the real-time tax calculation?

A - Tax calculations will occur in real-time at the Point of Sale (POS), on Tickets, Estimates, and Invoices.

Q - Is Avalara integration available on all plans?

A - Avalara integration is exclusively offered on our Advance plan.

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