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Bulk Repair Services Price Editor


RepairDesk's Bulk Services Editor is a powerful tool designed to update the prices of services from a single page. Getting started for new users is easier with a bulk pricing editor as they can select the desired models and easily update the pricing. Some repair shop owners update prices twice a week since the repair prices keep changing. The bulk editor will help them easily update the pricing of required items in a couple of minutes.

Value We Are Providing to Our Customers

The Bulk Service Editor is a valuable asset for repair service managers, offering the following benefits:
  • Real-time Price Updates: Seamlessly edit and update service prices, with changes reflected immediately in the system, ensuring accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

  • Model Addition: Easily add new models and associate services with them, facilitating the growth and diversification of the repair service catalog.

  • New Service: Add a new service and link it to multiple models in one go, saving time and reducing manual work.

  • Centralized Management: Access a centralized hub for all service-related activities, providing a consolidated platform for editing, updating, and expanding service offerings.

Navigating to Bulk Services Editor

1. Accessing Bulk Editor Option

  • Navigate to the "Manage Services" section.

  • Click Bulk Editor

2. Bulk Editor Page

Search / Update Existing Services

  • To search existing models and services against them, apply the appropriate filter and click search to initiate bulk editing. Category and Brand fields are mandatory to select when applying the filter.
    Note: On click of Reset, the page will not be refreshed. Only the filters will get empty.

  • You can add service against the model by clicking on the “+” sign. The “+” sign will appear against all the services. The same name (single line) services will be grouped together and displayed under one column. The user can add a new service against the model by clicking on the “+” sign and it will create a separate single line service.

    If the user clicks on the “+” sign against a multi model service, it will add the model in that service i.e. a child service will be created under the parent service.

  • Update the repair prices from the table instantly.

3. Adding New Model

  • To add a new model and associate the service with it, you can click “Add New Model”

  • Here, add model name, category and brand.

  • You can either select existing services to attach against the model or copy services from the existing model.

  • You can create multiple models by typing the new model names and pressing enter or comma to add more.

4. Adding New Service

  • To add a new service and associate it with model(s), click “Add New Service”

  • Here, add service name, category, brand and the model(s) you want to associate it with.

  • You can add multiple services by adding a new service name and pressing enter to add more in the Service Name field.

  • You can select multiple models from the Model field or add new by typing the model name from the search.


Q. When creating a new model, will it be associated with a multi model service or a separate service will be created?
A. If the selected service (in the Add New Model pop up) is a multi model service, the newly created model will be associated with that service. If the service is a single service, then a separate service will be created for that model.

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