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How to Embed an iFrame Code in WordPress?


By following the outlined steps below, Repairdesk users can seamlessly integrate Repairdesk Connect with their WordPress websites.

Steps to Embed an iFrame Code in WordPress for Repairdesk Users

  1. Navigate to Repairdesk Connect: Start by accessing your Repairdesk Connect account.
2. Access "Settings" in the Navigation Menu: In the Repairdesk Connect dashboard, navigate to the "Settings" section located in the navigation menu.3. Log in to Your WordPress Website: Log in to your WordPress website using your administrator credentials.
4. Access "SMS Chat" in the Integration Area: In your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the integration area and click on "SMS Chat."5. Visit Your Website: Under the 'Name' of your website, click on "Visit Site" to open your WordPress website.6. Edit with WPBakery Page Builder: On your website, access the header menu and click on "Edit with WPBakery Page Builder" to initiate the webpage editing process.

7. Add a New Element: Scroll down to the bottom of your website and locate the "+" icon to add a new element.

8. Insert Raw HTML Element: In the element search bar, search for "Raw HTML" and click on it to insert it into your webpage.

9. Switch to "Workshop-Dashboard" in Repairdesk Connect: Return to your Repairdesk Connect account and switch to the "Workshop-Dashboard" tab.
10. Copy the iFrame Code: From the "Workshop-Dashboard" tab in Repairdesk Connect, copy the provided "iFrame code."
12. Paste the iFrame Code: Go back to your WordPress website, and within the Raw HTML element on your webpage, paste the copied "iFrame code."
13. Copy the Accompanying Script: Still within the "Workshop-Dashboard" tab in Repairdesk Connect, copy the accompanying "Script."
14. Insert the Script: Press enter to move to the next row in the HTML box of the Raw HTML element on your webpage, and paste the copied "Script."
15. Save Changes: With the iFrame code and script integrated, click on "Update" in the header menu to save the changes made to your webpage.
By following these steps, you can ensure the successful embedding of the Repairdesk iFrame code within your WordPress website. This integration allows you to seamlessly connect Repairdesk Connect with your website, enhancing your customer engagement and support capabilities.
Should you encounter any issues during the process or have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact our support team for assistance. Remember to regularly test the functionality of the embedded iFrame code to ensure it functions as intended and provides a smooth user experience for your website visitors.

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