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How to Filter or Search Conversations in RepairDesk Connect


In RepairDesk Connect, efficiently managing conversations with clients is important for providing exceptional service. The ability to filter and search conversations helps you streamline communication and locate specific interactions quickly.
This guide outlines the steps to effectively filter messages based on sources and statuses, as well as how to search for specific conversations within the RepairDesk Connect interface.

Accessing RepairDesk Connect and Messages Section

  1. Open "Connect" to Access Messages: Begin by opening RepairDesk Connect. You can do this by clicking on the Connect icon located in the right-side drawer of the RepairDesk dashboard. Once clicked, the RepairDesk Connect interface will open, displaying your active conversations.

Filtering Conversations

  1. Medium-Based Filtering: Inside RepairDesk Connect, navigate to the messages section. At the top of the messages section, you will find a filter labeled "All sources." This filter allows you to sort conversations based on their communication medium. Click on the dropdown arrow next to "All sources" to reveal a list of available communication sources, such as Google My Business, Facebook Messenger, and RD SMS. By selecting a specific source, you can filter the conversations to only show messages from that source.

2. Status-Based Filtering: Alongside the medium-based filter, RepairDesk Connect also provides options to filter conversations based on their status. You can filter conversations to display only open, closed, or unread messages. These filters assist in organizing and managing your ongoing and completed interactions.

Searching Conversations

  1. Using the Search Window: RepairDesk Connect enables you to search for specific conversations using the search window. Locate the search bar or search icon within the interface. It's typically located at the top of the messages section.
  2. Enter Search Criteria: Click inside the search bar and start typing the keywords, customer names, or relevant information related to the conversation you want to find. As you type, RepairDesk Connect will start displaying matching results in real-time.
  3. View Search Results: The search results will dynamically update based on your entered search criteria. Each result will display the customer's name, a snippet of the latest message, and the communication medium. Click on the relevant result to access the full conversation.


Efficiently managing and locating conversations is essential for delivering outstanding customer service through RepairDesk Connect. By following these steps to filter conversations based on sources and statuses, as well as conducting targeted searches, you can optimize your communication workflow and maintain an organized and responsive interaction system.
Whether you're focusing on specific sources, tracking the status of messages, or quickly finding relevant conversations, RepairDesk Connect's filtering and searching capabilities empower you to enhance customer interactions and streamline your repair business operations.

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