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How to Setup Store Progress Tracker?

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How to set up monthly goals/targets?

1- Click on the circular progress bar on the header.

2- Once you will click on it, you will see the following window.

3- Add your monthly breakeven amount the in the breakeven field.

4- Set your monthly profit target in the profit field.

5- Enter the total number of days your store is open in a month.

6- Enable the carry-over toggle if you want to carry the lost or exceeded amount to the next day.

7- Hit the save button to save changes.

8- In order to set the next month's target, you need to click on the yearly review tab.

9- Once you will click on it then you’ll see an option to set up next month's target.

10- Click on the + setup next month button to set up targets for the upcoming month.

11- In order to view the daily progress you need to click on the overview tab.

12- The progress bar will be shown as yellow till your breakeven point. Once you will cross your daily breakeven target then the color of the bar will be shown as green.

13- In order to see the daily break-even amount or target, you have to hover on a small black bar to view it.

14- You can also view your achieved breakeven amount in percentage here.

15- If you want to give access to your employee to set up profit goals then you can do that through employee roles and permissions under the Cash basis reports tab as Profit Performance Setup.

Important Note: This feature will only work for cash basis of accounting.

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