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How to Count Trade in Items Under Inventory Count Module?

Update: Streamline your inventory counts and serial scanning process with automatic serial addition, improved display, and the ability to spot lost serials during the review process.

Now you can count your trade-in items under the inventory count module.

1- First, you need to go to settings and you have to enable the trigger Allow inventory count for trade-in

Settings > Module configuration > Inventory Count

2- After enabling the trigger, you would be able to see trade-ins under the category field in the inventory count.

3- You have to select trade-in from the category field.

4- Once you select the trade-in from the category field then you have to click on the add to inventory count list button.

5- Once you will click on it then all the In-Stock trade-ins would be listed in the count list and now you can scan the trade-ins to count them.

6- Once you’ve done counting and click on the proceed to review button then you would see all the lost trade-in Items In Red along with the cost variance

7- You have to click on the save button to save the count. Once you’ve clicked on the save button the system would redirect you to the inventory count listing page.

Important Note: You wouldn’t be allowed to make changes to the lost trade-in Item.

8- If you miss out any trade-in while counting for some reason and the system marked it as lost and you want to put back that trade-in item into inventory again.

9- What you need to do is you need to go to trade in-listing page

10- You have to click on the action drop-down button against the lost trade-in item where you would see the back to inventory option

11- You have to click on the back to inventory option.

12- Once you’ve clicked on it then the lost trade-in item would be sent back to inventory and the status of the trade-in item would be changed from Lost to In Stock. Now you can sell and make changes to it.

13- You can also view the lost trade-in items by going to the trade-in report

Note: You can search for all the lost trade In items from the search criteria filter in the trade-in report.

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