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How to Process Exchange Against Trade-In Item?

In order to exchange a trade-In item, You need to purchase a trade-in device.

1- After successfully purchasing a trade-in device, you will see an exchange trade-in item option on the purchase confirmation popup

2- You can also see the exchange trade-in item option under the action drop-down of a trade-in item page

3- You need to click on the exchange trade-in item option.

4- Once you click on it, it will take you to the POS where you can add any product, miscellaneous items, bill payments, etc. against the exchanged item.

Important note: In order to exchange a trade In item with any other product, you have to add a product whose price should be greater than the trade-in item.

5- If you will add any item whose price is lower than the price of the trade-in then the system wouldn’t allow you to check out unless you will add a product with a lesser amount than the trade-in

6- Once you add the desired product for processing an exchange then you just need to click on the checkout button and you’re good to go.

Important Note: You can not process refunds against exchanged invoices.

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