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Business KPIs


To facilitate different metrics and statistics of your store processes, RepairDesk has brought forth the addition of the Business KPIs. The Business KPIs will give you an in-depth view of your multiple stores and see how they are proceeding and whether they are working up to the standards that you have set out for them or not. If not, you can always pinpoint to see where the problems lie to change that.

How to Access?

You can access the Business KPIs by clicking on your store name anywhere on your RepairDesk account which would lead you to the dashboard screen.

You will now be able to see the option of Business KPIs on the dashboard screen. When you click on the Business KPIs tab, you will be able to view your Business KPIs.

Only super admins on your RepairDesk account would be able to view the Business KPIs option and you can always give another user access to the Business KPIs by customizing the role and permissions.

Important: Your accounting method chosen will have a direct impact on most metrics shown to you on the Business KPIs. Cash-based accounting will show you a change in accounts when you actually receive the cash. Accrual-based accounting will show you a change in accounts whenever a sale is made.

Company View

The Company View of the dashboard will show you your company health and the metrics involved with your overall business outcome from a store. You can always switch the store you want to see the progress of from the store switcher on the top right.

  1. The Gross Profit Margin is a measure of profitability that shows the percentage of revenue that exceeds the cost of goods sold (COGS).
  2. The Revenue will show you the total amount of income that your store has produced
  3. Taxes Payable show you the amount of tax that your store owes
  4. Average ticket sale is the average amount you receive from the sale of one ticket.
  5. Target Revenue, you will now be able to set your month’s target and see how close you are to achieving it. (You will only see the current month’s progress and the date filter would have no effect on this chart type)
  6. Net Profit trend will show you how your net profit has increased or decreased over a period of time.
  7. Store Health will show you, your progress with respect to your revenue, cost and profit over time.
  8. Ticket Distribution will show you the status breakdown of your tickets so you can see how many are in progress, were canceled, or are completed.

Technician Scorecard

In order to get an in-depth view of your employee performance we have created the Technician scorecard. It can give you a rundown on who your top performers are and see how much revenue the employees that fix your tickets generate for you.

Call Metrics

Call Metrics is a new dashboard view that we have only introduced for our customers who have themselves integrated with PhonePro with us. It will give you an insight into how many calls you are getting, what calls are getting missed and how long an average call lasts etc.

Items and Customers

It can be of vital significance if you can understand how your business operates in terms of selling or fixing a type of item. With our items and customers’ dashboard, you can do just that. You can see your hottest selling items and your hottest repairs that are in demand. These lists will only show you your top 10 items and customers.

  1. Total Parts Consumed, shows you how many repair parts are being used on your tickets, it can really give you an insight into how much your business relies on repair parts.
  2. Total Products Sold, shows you the number of products you sold in the chosen time frame. A repair part sold as a product will not be shown in this metric.
  3. New Customer Accounts, show you the influx of customer accounts that your business is stacking up. If you want more customer data, you can tell your employees to make sure to get customer information once they step into the store.
  4. Business Accounts, These involve all the customer groups that have third-party billing enabled against them.
  5. Top 10 Repaired Devices, show you the hottest devices that need the most tending to when your customers bring them in. If an iPhone 11 receives the most repairs, it will be top of the list.
  6. Top 10 Products Sold, will show you your hottest selling items that you can order more based on this list.
  7. Top 10 Repairs, will enable you to understand what repairs happen the most, whether it’s a battery replacement or a screen replacement. You will be able to see the brand and model of the device if you hover over the repair.
  8. Top 10 Grossing Customers, give you an insight on the customers that bring the most amount of money into your store or business. So you can offer them promotions or discounts based on their loyalty to your business.

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