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How to enable Safeware integration in Repairdesk?

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1. Setting up the Safeware at the Repair desk is a piece of cake!

2. First, you need to Log in to RepairDesk.

3. Go to Settings >> Integrations >> Safeware and Press the Click Here button

4. Click on Enable button

5. After Enabling the integration, You have to enter the User Name and Password provided by the safeware under the Configuration tab

6. After entering the Username and password, you need to press the Save Changes button.

7. After saving the Username and Password, click on the Safeware SKUs tab

8. Under the Safeware SKUs tab, you need to select the category against each Safeware SKUs

Note: The warranty would only be applicable to the selected category in which the item’s price is between 0.01 & 2999.99

9. After selecting the category and setting up the retail cost, you just need to click on the Save Changes button.

10. After clicking on the Save Changes button, you will see a confirmation message “Configuration updated Successfully

11. After successfully setting up the configuration, you first need to create the serials for the items because this integration would work only for serialized items.

13. After creating the serials and selling them on POS, you first need to select the serial

14. After selecting the serial, you would be shown the following popup

15. After clicking on the Accept button, you will be shown the 24 months ESP pricing right below the 12 months ESP

Note: if you wouldn’t set the retail price under the Safeware SKUs tab then the prices provided by the Safeware would be displayed in 24 months ESP.

16. You must need to enter the full information of the customer while selling the serials otherwise the system wouldn't let you generate the invoice, and you will receive an error message.

Note: If you would enter half of the customer information then it would result in synchronization issue


Q. How to view coverage details of the items that are synchronized or failed?

A. You can either view it by going to manage invoices or by doing warranty claims on POS.

In manage invoices

Apply criteria to show Safeware invoices on a select criteria filter. After applying the criteria filter you will see another column of Safeware sync in the manage invoice section such as shown following

Click your desired invoice. After clicking on your desired invoice, you will be taken to the invoice page where you would be able to see the coverage details of the item by clicking on the get coverage detail button

By doing warranty claim

Click on the warranty claim button on POS. Write down the desired invoice id in the invoice id field and click on the search button to get the coverage details of the items


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