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How to Setup Phone Pro in Repair Desk?

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If you’re looking for a unified communication system within the software then RD phone pro is a perfect choice.

How to set this up?

1. Setting up the RD phone pro at the Repair desk is a piece of cake!

2. First, you need to Log in to RepairDesk.

3. Click on Integrations from the left panel and select RD phone pro from the list.

You will be directed to the following page

4. Select plans according to your choice.

5. Once you’ll manage to purchase the plan then you will land on the following configuration page of RD phone pro


6. You can use your current number for this integration if you are already using RD SMS.

7. You can also attach recordings of greetings for a call.

8. You can also set the greeting for a call by typing a specific greeting message then it will automatically convert that written greeting message into voice.

9. You can also set up the different extensions, click on the Add Extension button

10. After clicking on the Add extension button, you need to select the representative 

11. After selecting the representative and clicking on the save button, a request will be generated at the backend. Once the extensions are created from the backend then their status will be shown as active and the extension will be assigned to that specific representative.

12. Once the extension is created there will be QR code option available which would allow you to login to your 3CX application by scanning that QR Code

Setup IVR

Interactive voice response or IVR is an automated business phone system feature that interacts with callers and gathers information by giving them choices via a menu. It then performs actions based on the answers of the caller through the telephone keypad or their voice response.

13. Once Extensions are set up the user can set up IVR(interactive voice response). Users can set that by clicking a certain number you can route to a specific extension.

14. You can also set up the IVR feature by pressing the IVR setup button on the right side of the screen

15. By clicking on the Add IVR button, you will ab able to see the following drawer on the right side of your screen

16. There will be some predefined actions available in IVR and You can also add your own actions by clicking on the add new condition button

17. After adding the new conditions you just need to hit the Save button.

You have set up the configurations successfully. You’re good to go now

Port in

If you don't want to use the new number and keep using their existing number then the Port In option is for you. you can simply fill out the form and your Port in request will be submitted. it will take around 10 to 15 working days to complete the request.

18. To fill out the Port in form you need to hit the port in tab to see the information regarding the Port in

19. After clicking on the Port in the tab you will see the following information under the port in tab

20. You need to fill out all the information displayed under the tab.

21. Once you will fill out all the information present in the port in tab then you will be able to submit it

22. After submitting the valid information you will see the confirmation message that you have successfully ported your number. You’re good to go now.

Call log

23. If you want to see the call history of the customer then you just need to switch to the call log tab

24. After clicking on the Call log tab, you will see the following information under the Call log tab


Q. Does it support multiple calls?

Ans: By default, the phonepro system does not support multiple calls. However, if you require this functionality, you can reach out to our support team. Please note that enabling multiple calls may prevent you from setting a greeting message.

Q. Can I change office hours myself?

Ans: Yes, you can change the office hours by going to the configuration tab of phone pro. Scroll down at the bottom and you will see an option to set up the office hours.

Click on the checkbox of Setup specific office hours. Once you click on it, you will see options to set up office hours for a specific number of days.


Set the office hours according to your preference and click on the save button.

Q. Can I configure IVR myself?

Ans: No, configuring the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system in phonepro requires assistance from our support team. Please reach out to them for any customization or changes to your IVR settings.

Q. Can we send SMS to unknown callers?

Ans: You can now send SMS messages to both known and unknown callers directly from the call log listing by clicking on the Send SMS icon

Q. How to stop saving the unknown calls into the database?

Ans: There is a trigger available on the configuration page “Unknown call should not be saved into database”.You need to enable that trigger

Q. How to disable call notifications for specific employees?

Ans: You can disable call notifications for specific employees from the configuration page. You just need to select the employee from the drop-down to turn off the call notifications. You can select multiple employees from the list. See the attached screenshot for reference

Q. How can we buy more SMS for phone pro?

Ans: You can buy more SMS for phone pro. We have given the RD SMS functionality within the phone pro. On the configuration page, there is an option to buy more SMS credits. You can also enable SMS notifications for specific employees. See the screenshot below for the reference

Q. Where can we download the voicemails?

Ans: You can download the voicemails from the call logs. You just need to open the phone pro and click the Call logs tab. If there would be any voicemail available then you will be able to see voicemail text rather than inbound and outbound calls text against the calls. You can click on the download button to download the voicemail. See the screenshot below for reference

Q. How can we add notes against the calls?

Ans: You can add notes against the calls from the call logs section and from the call popup while talking to the customer. See the screenshot below for reference

Add notes from call logs

Add notes from call popup

Q. How can we open the threaded messages inbox?

Ans: After enabling the phone pro integration you would see a Messages Tab on the main page of phone pro. After clicking on the messages tab you would be taken to the threaded messages.

Q. How to get credentials for the 3CX web application via Phone pro?

1- After enabling the phone pro integration

2- You need to go to the configuration page

3- Scroll down, under the setup extension section you will see the login details column

4- Click on the show details button

5- Once clicked, the following popup will appear

6- Click on the given link

7- After clicking on the given link, you will be taken to the 3CX login page

8- Here you need to enter the following login details

9- After entering the extension number and password, you will be able to login the 3CX application

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