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⚡ How to transfer inventory from one store to another

Creating a Transfer Order

To initiate the transfer of inventory, you need to create a Transfer Order. This involves specifying the order details and adding the inventory items to be transferred.

Step 1: Access Transfer Inventory

From the top menu, navigate to Inventory > Transfer Inventory.

Step 2: Create a Transfer Order

Click on "Create Transfer Order."

Step 3: Specify Transfer Order Details


  • Date: Select the date on which you are creating the transfer order.
  • From Store: Choose the store that will transfer the inventory.
  • To Store: Select the store that will receive the inventory.
  • Created By: Select the user who is creating the invoice (default is the logged-in user).
  • Received By: Write the name of a person who will receive the item
  • Shipped Date: Choose the date on which you shipped the inventory.
  • Shipping Charges: Enter the shipping charges (not added to the total cost).
  • Tracking Id: Enter the tracking ID provided by your shipping carrier. h. Notes: Add any relevant notes for the store receiving the inventory.

Step 4: Add Inventory Items

To add inventory items to the Transfer Order, fill the details.

Step 5: Save the Transfer Order

Click on "Save" A confirmation message will be displayed, indicating that the Transfer Order has been created successfully.
You can also click on ‘Save & Create Inter Company Invoice’. It will generate an inter company invoice for you.

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