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⚡ How to transfer inventory from one store to another

RepairDesk gives you the option of transferring inventory from one store to another. 

You simply need to create a Transfer Order for sending inventory to another store. The other store can simply update the transfer status under the Transfer In tab.

Create a Transfer Order

In the following steps, we will create a Transfer Order by first specifying the order details and then adding the inventory items to the order.

To specify the Transfer Order details:

1. From the top menu, go to Inventory > Transfer Inventory.

2. Click Create Transfer Order

3. Specify the Transfer Order details:

a. [Date] - select the date on which you are creating the transfer order.

b. [From Store] - select the store that will transfer the inventory.

c. [To Store] - select the store that will receive the inventory.

You can create a Transfer Order using Low Stock Report. Check out this quick guide to learn how to do it.

d. [Created By] - select the user who is creating the invoice.

By default the logged-in user is selected.

e. [Shipped Date] - select the date on which you shipped the inventory.

f. [Shipping Charges] - enter the shipping charges.

This amount is not added in the total cost.

g. [Tracking Id] - enter the tracking id provided by your shipping carrier.

h. [Notes] - enter a note for the store that's receiving the inventory.

The following image illustrates an example data entry of a Transfer Order.

To add inventory items to the Transfer Order:

You can use a barcode scanner to select inventory items. Once selected, you must specify the quantity to transfer, and then click Add.

4. In the table, start adding inventory items in the Transfer Order:

a. [Item Name] - search and select an inventory item.

b. [Shipped Qty] - select number of items you need to transfer.

In case a serialized inventory item is selected, then the Select Serial field is displayed. This will help you select a specific serial of the inventory item and add to Transfer Order. For detailed steps, check out this guide.

c. [Status] - select the Shipped status, if the items have been shipped, which will deduct the inventory count in your store. Select the Pending status if the items haven't been shipped yet.

d. [Add] - click the add button to add the item to the Transfer Order.

You can repeat the Step 4 above to add more items to the Transfer Order.

You can delete an item from the Transfer Order only when it's been added.

The following image illustrates a sample inventory item added to the Transfer Order.

Let's save the Transfer Order:

5. Click Save.

The Transfer Order is created and confirmation message is displayed.

Receive Inventory from another Store

In the following steps, we will update our store inventory via Transfer Order created by another store.

1. From the top menu, go to Inventory > Transfer Inventory.

2. Under the Transfer In tab, review the Transfer Orders.

The status of the Transfer Orders will guide your decision. For example, Waiting for Items means that the Transfer Order requires your action. You can either market it as received, partially received or rejected.

3. Next to any Transfer Order, click Action > Update

The details page of the Transfer Order is displayed.

4. Mark the status of the items as received, partially received or rejected.

The details of partially received inventory is available in the In Transit Report

5. Click Save.

The Transfer Order is updated and the status is displayed on its details page.

You can print the transfer order by clicking on Action > Print. You can also view the history of the Transfer Order from the Admin History at the bottom.

Don't forget to check out the FAQs section.

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