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⚡ How to process an Exchange in RepairDesk?

RepairDesk refund module allows you to exchange any item with another one and also generate a new invoice for efficient tracking of the entire exchange process

The workflow is simple. The item the customer wants to exchange is first added to the refund process (it takes just a few simple clicks). Then the item they want in exchange is added to the cart. Lastly, you'd checkout to create a new invoice having the record of both the refunded item and the exchange item.

The following image illustrates the high-level workflow of the exchange process.

RepairDesk automatically does all the math for you and lets you know whether or not the customer needs to pay extra for the new item. This way a successful exchange takes place.

Let's see the step-by-step procedure.

1. From POS, click View Invoices.

2. Search for the invoice and click Refund next to it. 

You can deduct refund amount for the item using Refund Details option. In addition, if the returned item is faulty or broken, you can efficiently mark it accordingly or, on the contrary, create an RMA for it. Check out this link to learn how you can do it.

3. Click Proceed.

The item to refund is added to cart.

Notice the negative quantity (-1) and red color on the item. This means that the item is added in the cart for a refund and not a normal purchase. 

4. Add one or more items (inventory items or service items) that the customers needs. 

You can do an inline update on the item's price, tax class or discount as needed.

5. Click Checkout.

6. Click Full Payment or process the payment as needed.

The exchange has been successfully processed. You can now print, email or view the invoice, or start a new sale.

To track the refund transaction:

1. Go to Repairs > Manage Invoices

2. Search your invoice using a variety of search filters available.

3. Click View Invoice.

The invoice details are displayed. From here you can track the complete history of this exchange transaction.

4. From the top, click the View Original Invoice link. 

This will display the invoice that was generated at the time of first purchase. In this purchase, the refund status of the item can be found right under the item name. You would need this to track exactly invoice of the item that was returned.

Don't forget to check the FAQs related to this guide.

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