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⚡ How to Process the Warranty Claim for a Repair Part?


If you're in the repair industry, you know that warranty claims are inevitable. Faulty parts, incomplete repair or other issues may force an angry customer to bang at your doors. At this time of panic, you are lost in verifying if the warranty is still applicable or not and how to address multiple types of warranty issues!

But fret not! RepairDesk is here to help and make your life easy. This is why we have redesigned our warranty functionality. Now you can add warranty on all repair services by default so that when a customer comes back during warranty period, you can quickly perform warranty repair and ticket history is updated accordingly.

The first step is to setup warranty duration against each replacement part in inventory. You can either do this manually or via .CSV import. 

Process a Warranty Claim

A repair ticket is only eligible for the warranty claim if (A) the repair ticket already had warranty specified for it, (B) its invoice has been paid, and (C) the warranty claim falls in the specified warranty period. (D) the ticket has a status of "Completed", "Repaired" or "Repaired and Collected."

Warranty for a Repair Part can be specified from the Inventory module while adding a new Product under the Add More Info section.

The Warranty period starts for a repair ticket from the day its status has been updated to Repaired, Completed, or Repaired & Collected. 
When a customer walks in for a warranty claim, they are expected to produce a ticket number. When they do, you can check the warranty status of their Repair ticket, and then process or decline the claim accordingly. In addition, you can also issue refund, or create an RMA.

So, let's see how to process the warranty claim.

  1. On the POS screen, click on Warranty Claim.

  2. Search the ticket by any preferred criteria, like Ticket ID.

  3. Click Search.

  4. Go to Actions, and click Part warranty claim.

  5. Scroll down to view more options.

  6. Under the Warranty column, click Warranty Claim.

    You can now continue to process warranty for the part in one of the two ways:

    A) Marking the part faulty/broken without creating an RMA
    B) Marketing the part faulty/broken and create and RMA as well

In the following steps, we will learn how to mark a part in warranty claim as faulty/broken.

  1. Specify the reason of replacing the part and select the part condition as faulty or broken.
  2. Click Save.

    The part's status has been updated in the ticket and the success message is displayed as shown in the figure below.

You have successfully processed the warranty claim for the Repair Part. You can now either replace or fix the faulty part. In addition, for this warranty claim job you can also create a repair ticket by clicking "Make New Ticket" above. On the new ticket, you can put the "Warranty Repair" repair status for the device.


When the Supplier refunds the part instead of providing a new one, you can update the RMA with the refund amount.

1. Go to Action, click Add Refund/Credit Note.

2. Select the appropriate method as Refund or Credit Note.

3. Specify the refund Amount and other details, or leave as is.

4. Click Add.

The RMA status is updated to paid.

In case you need to process warranty claim for a repair instead of the repair part, checkout this article where the Repair Warranty Claim option is used. 

Don't forget to check the FAQs related to Warranty

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