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How to Process Payments using PayFacto

NOTE: Make sure PayFacto is already setup and ready to use.

Prepare your shopping cart by adding repairs or products, then follow these steps:

  1. Click Checkout.

  2. From the left panel, click PayFacto.

  3. Review or enter the amount, and click Process Payment.

    NOTE: Make sure PayFacto terminal and RepairDesk POS are on the same network.

    The tipping options are displayed on the terminal.

  4. The customers can select whether they need to tip or not.
    In case the customer selects to tip via percentage or amount, then the following screens are displayed. The customer would simply enter the tip amount and then review the totals on the terminal.

  5. The customer can tap, dip, or swipe the card on the terminal.
    The Merchant Password screen will be displayed on the terminal.

  6. You will enter the Merchant Password in the terminal.
    The signature screen will be displayed on the terminal.

    Once the payment is successful, the POS will show the transaction is now complete.

  7. Click Dismiss, and then click Confirm to complete the transaction.

    A print job will be assigned to the printer and the associated printer should print the receipt.

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