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Recurring Billing in RepairDesk

Recurring payments are automatic payments that enable you to charge a customer on a regular basis. This feature allows for seamless subscription-based billing within RepairDesk, making it easier to manage and collect payments. To set up recurring billing in RepairDesk, follow the steps below:

Benefits of Recurring Billing

With the RepairDesk recurring billing module, you can enjoy the following benefits:
  • Charge the registered credit card or direct debit of a customer periodically
  • Automatically create scheduled invoices, eliminating the need for manual invoice creation
  • Send invoices to customers automatically
  • Customers can conveniently pay their invoices online using the Pay Now button in the email invoice
  • Customize billing frequencies, dates, and auto-calculate proration for upgrades and downgrades

Setting up the Module

  1. If you are not using the enterprise package, you will need to subscribe and pay for it first to gain access to the recurring billing module.
  2. To enable the module, go to Store Settings and click on the Enable button under the recurring billing section.

3. On this screen, you will find various settings such as aligning module payments with RD Pay Integration, setting up triggers for retrying failed payment attempts, and configuring email notifications for customers and admins based on payment status.

Creating Subscriptions and Recurring Invoices

  1. From the top menu, navigate to the repairs tab and click on Create Subscription just below the recurring billing section.

2. You will be redirected to the subscriptions listing page. Here, you can create a new subscription.

3. When creating a new subscription, you will need to provide the following information:
  • Select and add the customer for whom you want to create the subscription
  • The created date will be set to the default date
  • Enter the plan name and terms and conditions
  • Add line items to the subscription, similar to creating a regular invoice
  • Set the payment schedule, including frequency (monthly or yearly), first invoice date, and timezone for sending invoices
  • Specify the payment methods available for customers to pay their invoices against this subscription plan
    • Customers can add their card details or swipe their card on the RD Pay terminal (for USA only)
    • For non-USA users using Stripe, they can set the payment method to Stripe
    • Manual payments through bank transfers, checks, etc., are also supported

4. Click on the Start Subscription button to initiate the subscription. The first invoice will be automatically generated and sent to the customer for payment.

5. The recurring invoices will be listed under the manage recurring invoices section.

Please note that recurring invoices are generated automatically based on the set duration and cannot be created manually.

Customize Email Templates

Effective communication is key to managing recurring billing with your customers efficiently. RepairDesk has enhanced this aspect by enabling the customization of email templates for specific billing-related events. This guide will walk you through the steps to access, edit, and utilize these templates to ensure clear, consistent communication that aligns with your brand.
Feature Overview The customization feature allows you to edit email templates for important recurring billing events, ensuring your customers and administrators are well-informed about their transactions. This initiative aims to enhance the transparency and efficiency of communications related to billing events.
Accessing Email Templates
To access and edit the email templates associated with recurring billing events:
  1. Navigate to the Recurring Billing Module: Start by heading to the Recurring Billing module within RepairDesk. This module is dedicated to managing all aspects of your recurring billing needs.

  1. Go to Email Notification Settings: Within the Recurring Billing module, find and select the "Email Notification Settings." This section houses all the configurations related to email communications for billing events.
  2. Editing Email Templates: For each billing event, you'll notice a button labeled "Show Email Content" next to the event name. Clicking this button will reveal the email template associated with that particular event. From here, you can proceed to edit the email template according to your requirements.

Customizing Email Templates
You can customize email templates for the following four key billing events:
  1. Send an Email to Admin When Card Payment is Successful: Keep your administrators in the loop whenever a card payment goes through successfully.
  2. Send an Email to Admin When Card Payment is Failed: Alert your administrators promptly in the event of a failed card payment.
  3. Send an Email to Customer When Card Payment is Successful: Reassure your customers by confirming successful card payments through a customized email.
  4. Send an Email to Customer When Card Payment is Failed: Notify your customers efficiently if there's an issue with their card payment, allowing them to take necessary actions.
Editing Process
  • Upon revealing the email content for a chosen event, you'll be able to edit the template's body and styling. This ensures that each communication sent out is perfectly tailored to fit the tone and brand of your business.

  • Macros: Incorporate macros into your templates to add a personalized touch, automatically filling in details like customer names, transaction amounts, and dates based on the specific event.
  • Preview & Save: Make use of the preview function to check your edits in real-time, ensuring everything looks as intended before saving your changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to subscribe to the enterprise package to use this module?
A. No, this module will be available for all users. However, for enterprise users, it will be for FREE while the rest of the users will have to pay $299 per year to use this feature.

Q. Can I edit/cancel the subscription once started?
A. Yes, you can definitely cancel the subscription anytime by hitting the Cancel Subscription from Action Dropdown.

You can also update the subscription anytime by viewing it in edit mode (just like a sales invoice is viewed)

Q. How prorate charges work?
A. While updating the subscription, you will have an option to set prorate charges against the subscription.

It will give you an estimated amount for the next invoice to be charged and the date at which it will be charged. Normally this option is used when the subscription is upgraded or downgraded by the customer in-between the subscription period.

Let's suppose a customer has a monthly billing cycle and he has a subscription plan of $100. Now he wants to upgrade his plan to $150 in the min of the month. According to the $100 plan, his remaining amount will be ($100/30)= $3.333 multiplied by remaining days (15 days) = $50. According to the $150 plan, 15 days should charge $75. $50 from the last plan will be adjusted with $75 and $25 will be charged to the customer on the next invoice.

Q. Can I convert the regular sales invoice to a recurring invoice?
A. Yes definitely you can do it. After a sales invoice is created, you can hit the Create Subscription option from the Action Dropdown to generate a subscription plan against the invoice.
Cancellation date will also be displayed.

The system will redirect you to the create a subscription page where you can start the subscription.
At the same time, you can also convert a regular sales invoice to a recurring invoice from the Action button against the invoice.

Q. What if I don't have RepairDesk Payments terminal, can I pay recurring invoices through Stripe?
A. Yes definitely you can. In case if you are not from USA, or dont have RepairDesk payments terminal, then you can create subscription through Stripe provided that you have set up the stripe integration on your RepairDesk account.
If the strip integration has been set up, you will get the button to add payment method while creating subscription as shown below.

By authenticating the Stripe account, recurring invoices will be paid automatically through Stripe.

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