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How to upload attachments on repair ticket?

To keep a record of every repair, you can now add/attach documents with repair tickets. You can upload attachments while creating a ticket or existing ticket as well. You can also send the same attachments to the customer while sending an email to the customer from the ticket. 
For example, if a technician finds out an extra repair in the device, he can make a quick estimate for that repair service, attach the image of that estimate and email it to the customer

Upload attachment while creating a new ticket:
while creating a new ticket from a mange ticket you can attach any file by clicking the action button and then attach the desired file with a specific device.
once you add device details and problems and click add row you can upload attachments.

Upload attachment on an existing ticket:
Users can also upload attachments in an already created ticket. you can either upload attachment against each device or you can upload an attachment with the whole ticket.

once you upload attachments there will be a proper log for that. Based on the permission you can delete them.

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