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How To Use Inventory / Service Bundles?

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Product bundling is the process of grouping, packaging, and selling usually-separate items together. Typically, when a kitted item is purchased, the inventory system automatically links each individual item to the sale.

Why use the Inventory Bundles Module:
  1. It increases average order values, positively impacting your bottom line and cash flow
  2. It enables you to sell off old or unwanted stock that might otherwise end up as dead stock
  3. It helps keep inventory holding costs down and frees up warehousing space
  4. It helps you track and maintain stock levels more effectively
  5. It offers convenience and flexibility to customers

Learn how to create product or service bundles in RepairDesk

Let's get started on how you can create a bundle and then sell it.

1. In order to create a new bundle, you need to go to Inventory, click on the plus (+) button, which will take you to Create bundle screen.

2. Once you move to the Create Bundle page, you need to add the related information for the bundle.

3. Once you enter the data, you need to select which type of bundle you want to create.
There are three types of bundles:
  • Product bundle
  • Service bundle
  • Composite bundle 

3.1 Product Bundle:

By default, the product bundle option is selected. You can search for any product from the search bar and add it to the bundle.

Once the user adds a product in the bundle, they can change the collective retail price of the bundle, displayed as Bundle Retail.

You can also reduce the margin for bundled products. This can be done either by entering the bundle retail price or setting the margin.

Once the bundle has been created, the user can now sell that bundle from the POS.

3.2 Service Bundle :
You can also create a bundle for multiple services and charge them less in case of the bundle.
When you select a service bundle, it becomes mandatory to select the manufacturer and device, so that on the basis of manufacturer and device, the service will be populated and the user can add them in the bundle.

Note: you can only add services related to one device.

Creating a Ticket for a Service Bundle:
Creating a ticket for a service bundle is as easy as creating a normal ticket. You need to follow a few simple steps as shown in the reference image below.

3.3 Product/Service Bundles:
You can create bundles of services and inventory items. For creating the bundle, you need to select the manufacturer and device for the service, and you can select any product.

The creation of a composite bundle is the same; you can just select the service and product in the same bundle.

4. Bundle Listing Page:
All the bundles are listed here with their respective status.

those bundles whose stock is "On Hand" and can be sold to a customer.
Update Stock: those bundles that are either on the item used in the bundle are out of stock.
Archived: any bundle you don't want to sell, you can archive it.

You can also print a barcode for the bundle from the Action button.


Q: Is there any option where I can see how much discount the customer is getting for a particular bundle being sold?
A: Yes, you can view these details while selling the bundle. On the POS screen, when the bundle is added in the cart, you will be able to see an option to view bundle details. By clicking it, you can view your bundle details and know exactly how much discount a particular customer is getting.

Q: Can I create service bundles for multiple devices at the same time?
A: No. You can create service bundles for specific devices only. 

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