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How To Use Inventory / Service Bundles?


The Inventory Bundles feature in RepairDesk is a powerful addition designed to streamline and enhance your sales process by allowing you to group, package, and sell usually-separate items together as bundles. This documentation will explain all the features of the module in detail, demonstrating how it can benefit your business and improve inventory management.

1. Bundle Listing Page

All created bundles are listed here, along with their respective status:
  • Active: These bundles have sufficient stock on hand and are ready to be sold to customers.
  • Update Stock: These bundles have items that are out of stock or low in stock, requiring updating before sale.
  • Archived: Any bundles you don't want to sell anymore can be archived. Additionally, you can print a barcode for any bundle from the action button.

2. Why Use the Inventory Bundles Module?

Bundles are essential because o following reasons;
  • Increased Average Order Values: By offering bundles, customers are encouraged to purchase complementary products or services together, leading to higher average order values. This positively impacts your bottom line and cash flow.
  • Clear Dead Stock: Utilize the inventory bundles feature to sell off old or unwanted stock that might otherwise become dead stock, turning it into attractive and sellable bundles.
  • Cost-Effective Inventory Management: Bundles help keep inventory holding costs down by efficiently grouping items. Moreover, it frees up valuable warehousing space, enabling you to manage your inventory more effectively.
  • Improved Inventory Tracking: With the inventory bundles module, you can easily track and maintain stock levels for each bundled item, ensuring you have a clear overview of your available inventory.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Offering product and service bundles adds convenience and flexibility for customers, making it easier for them to find and purchase what they need in one go.

3. How to Create Product or Service Bundles:

  1. To create a new bundle, navigate to the Inventory section and click on the plus (+) button, which will take you to the Create Bundle screen.

2. Select the type of bundle you want to create; there are three options available:

3.1. Product Bundle:

This option is selected by default. You can search for any product from the search bar and add it to the bundle.

3.2. Service Bundle: 

You can also create bundles for multiple services and offer them at a discounted price. When selecting a service bundle, it becomes mandatory to choose the manufacturer and device to populate the appropriate services that can be added to the bundle. Note that you can only add services related to one device.

3.3. Product/Service Bundles:

This option allows you to create bundles comprising both services and inventory items. To create such a bundle, you need to select the manufacturer and device for the service, and then add any product of your choice.
Once the product or service is added to the bundle, you can adjust the collective retail price of the bundle, displayed as "Bundle Retail." Additionally, you have the option to reduce the margin for bundled products either by entering the bundle retail price or setting the margin.

Once the bundle is created, it can be sold from the POS.

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