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Ticket Items Report

Ticket item report allows users to view the total number of prats being used while repairing the device.

Following are the key features for Report:

1. You can view all the parts being used while repairing. 2. You can view parts associated with specific tickets. 3. You can view the cumulative quantity of the parts being used in all the repairs.

Report Search filters:

Task Type: These task types will be based on the same types used in managed tickets. Date: Users can filter the report base selected date. Customer name: User can search based on customer name

Search criteria:

Under search criteria, the following options will be present so that users can click on a specific search tab and then narrow down search accordingly.

Part name: Users can also search by a part name. Service Name: Users can search based on the service name.   SKU: user can also filter the report based on part SKU Device Serial /IMEI: User can also search based on the device IMEI/ serial Supplier: Users can also search based on suppliers and all the tickets containing part with the supplier will be shown in the report.

Report Columns:

  • Date: Date for the specific ticket will be displayed here on which it was completed or the user can set a specific date in order to filter desired results.

  • Customer Name: Customer name for which ticket is created will be shown in the column.

  • Ticket ID: Ticket ID will be displayed here and users can click on ticket id to move to the ticket.

  • Task Type: This column will show the task type used in the ticket.

  • Device: name of the device being repaired will be shown here

  • Service-name: service will be shown here in the column.

  • Service IMEI/Serial: Service IMEI/Serial will be shown in the column.

  • Quantity: The quantity of service will be shown in this column.

  • Cost: the price of the service will be shown here in this column.

  • Tax: Tax applied to the service price.

  • Parts: part used in the

  • Part Quantity: Part used while repairing will be shown here in this column.

  • SKU: SKU attached to Part used will be shown in the column.

  • Supplier: Supplier attached to part will be shown in the column.

  • Part Cost: The cost of the part will be shown here.

Total part consumed:

  • Part name: Name of the part used on the ticket.

  • Part SKU: Part SKU will be shown in this column

  • Part Used: The total number of parts used will be shown here.

Hide Show report Columns:

By using this functionality you can customize your report column, based on the set column if you export the report it will only export the report based on the shown columns.
e.g. you don't want to tax in the report, for that you will just hide the specific column and that will be hidden.

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