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How to use Store Credits in RepairDesk

Store Credits are a feature in RepairDesk that allows users to offer in-store credit to customers instead of cash for trade-ins and refunds. This feature keeps a record of how much a customer has in store credits and allows them to use it to pay for repairs or purchases.

Steps to enable the Store Credits feature

  1. From the Store Settings screen, select Store Credits on the left-hand menu to be taken to the Store Credits page.
  2. Use the Enable Store Credits button to turn on the feature.
  3. A pop-up window will appear asking you which stores you would like to enable the feature for. Select your desired store(s) and click Save Changes.

Once you've enabled the Store Credits feature, it will now be available to you. You can also view emails and notifications related to Store Credits by clicking on View Emails and Notifications.

How to issue store credits on refunds

Store Credits can be issued to customers when an invoice is refunded. Instead of refunding the customer with cash, you can offer them store credits to use for a future purchase at the store.
To offer store credit on refunds, follow these steps:
1. From the POS screen, click on View Invoices.

2. Find the invoice you'd like to refund and click on the Refund button.

3. Once the refund is added to the cart, click the Checkout button.

4. On the Payment screen, select Store Credits as your payment method and click on Full Payment.
5. Your refund is now complete, and the customer's record will be issued with Store Credits.
Note: It is important to select the customer in the POS when refunding an invoice to issue store credits to them.

How to redeem store credits

If a customer has store credits issued to them, they can redeem the credits anytime for a future purchase. At the checkout screen, while creating an invoice, store credits should be selected as the payment method. Enter the amount that the customer wants to pay through store credits.
To redeem store credits, follow these steps:
1. From the POS screen, select a customer or create a new one and proceed to add items to the cart.
2. When the items have been successfully added, click on the Checkout button.
3. On the Payment screen, select Store Credits as your payment method and enter the amount you'd like to charge, then click on Confirm.
4. Your payment will now be complete, and the customer will be charged from their existing Store Credits.
Please note that the customer can only pay an amount that is less than or equal to their existing store credits balance. Payment for an amount higher than the available store credits will not be possible.

Roles and permissions for Store Credits

RepairDesk provides separate roles and permissions for the Store Credits module. Users will be able to access the module settings based on the roles and permissions assigned to them.

Emails and notifications

RepairDesk also offers separate emails and notifications settings for the Store Credits module. An automated email/SMS will be sent to your customers when they receive or redeem their store credits.

Store Credits Report

A dedicated report has been set up for the Store Credits module in RepairDesk. This report helps keep track of the store credits being issued and redeemed by your customers from multiple stores.

Purpose of the Store Credits Report

The Store Credits Report offers a comprehensive overview of the store credits activity within your RepairDesk account. It allows you to efficiently manage and monitor the issuance and redemption of store credits for your customers across all your store locations.

Key Features and Functionality

The Store Credits Report provides the following features and functionalities:
  1. Issued Store Credits: This section displays a list of all store credits that have been issued to customers. It includes details such as the customer's name, the amount of credit issued, date of issuance, and the store location where it was issued.
  2. Redeemed Store Credits: This section shows a list of all store credits that have been redeemed by customers. It includes information such as the customer's name, the amount of credit redeemed, date of redemption, and the store location where it was redeemed.
  3. Balance Summary: The Store Credits Report also provides a balance summary at the top of the report, giving you a quick glance at the total store credit issued, redeemed, and the remaining balance.
  4. Filtering and Sorting Options: You can easily filter and sort the report to view specific store credits activity based on criteria such as date range, store location, or customer name. This allows you to focus on the information that is most relevant to you.

How to Access the Store Credits Report

To access the Store Credits Report in RepairDesk, follow these steps:
  1. Login to your RepairDesk account.
  2. Go to "Reports" section.
  3. Click on "Store Credits" under the "Sales Reports" category.

Tips for Effective Use of the Store Credits Report

Here are some tips to help you effectively utilize the Store Credits Report:
  • Track Store Credit Activity: Regularly review the report to stay up-to-date with the issuance and redemption of store credits. This will allow you to have a clear understanding of your customers' credit balances.
  • Identify Trends and Patterns: Analyze the report to identify any trends or patterns in store credit activity. For example, you may notice that certain customers frequently redeem their store credits, which can help you tailor your marketing efforts to encourage repeat business.
  • Resolve Discrepancies: If you come across any discrepancies or errors in the store credit activity, use this report as a reference to investigate and resolve the issue promptly. This will ensure accurate tracking of store credits and maintain customer trust.
  • Export and Share: The Store Credits Report can be exported to popular file formats such as CSV or PDF, allowing you to share the information with your team or import it into other systems for further analysis.


Q. Where can my customers view their store credits history?
A. Currently, your customers have to visit the store physically to inquire about their store credits balance. However, you can view a customer's store credits from the Manage Customers section, the View Customer Details page, the Store Credits Report and from the POS. We are working to introduce the store credits history on the customer portal soon.

Q. What will happen to my customer’s store credits balance if an invoice where store credits have been issued is refunded?
A. If an invoice that has issued store credits is refunded, the store credits for that invoice will also be refunded, i.e. the store credits will be deducted from the customer's account.

Q. Is there any way to void/revert store credits in RepairDesk?

A. Yes certainly. You can manually revert store credits issued to a customer from POS and from view customer details page as shown below. The type must be selected as VOID while voiding store credits against any customer.

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