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How to use the RepairDesk Loyalty Program

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RepairDesk brings its users the option to have a Loyalty Program right within their POS to better engage with and retain their customers. Have your store offer a Loyalty Program to your customers and reward them for their business by offering them purchases in-store through loyalty points.

This guide will help you in quickly setting up your loyalty program and making use of its many features

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Steps to enable the RepairDesk Loyalty Program

The RepairDesk Loyalty Program can easily be set up by following these steps.

  1. Log into your RepairDesk account, and from the menu, select Store Settings.
  2. From the menu on the left-hand side, click on Loyalty.

    RepairDesk Loyalty Program Setup Picture 10

  3. Click on the Enable Loyalty button to activate your Loyalty Program. You will then be able to access further settings.

    RepairDesk Loyalty Program Setup Picture 11

  4. In the Loyalty Calculation section, enter the value of loyalty points your customers would earn in the Loyalty field, and the amount that they would receive against it in the amount field.

    Please note that the Loyalty value cannot be greater than the Amount value.

  5. You can choose to reward customers who sign up for your loyalty program for the very first time with bonus loyalty by enabling the Bonus Loyalty field and entering a custom Loyalty amount.
  6. Customers who are referred by another customer of yours can obtain the Referral Loyalty bonus amount, which can be set in the Referral Loyalty field.

    RepairDesk Loyalty Program Setup Picture 12

  7. You can also choose to have an email be sent to the admin when a customer signs up for your loyalty program by enabling the Send email to admin when a customer signs up for loyalty program trigger.
  8. Under the Welcome Email Template tab, you can send an invitation email to all your customers or select which ones to send it out to. This email will also include a signup link to a portal which your customers can use to sign up to your loyalty program.

    RepairDesk Loyalty Program Setup Picture 13
    RepairDesk Loyalty Program Setup Picture 2
  9. When you're done, click on Save Changes to save the settings for your loyalty program.
  10. You can also set how many loyalty points customers will earn on individual products or services by navigating to the Manage Inventory section for products and Manage Services section for services, opening the product/service you'd like to adjust, and select the Loyalty tab.

    RepairDesk Loyalty Program Setup Picture 3

    Custom Loyalty: This is the fixed loyalty value. Whenever a product/service is paid for, customers will earn the Custom Loyalty amount, regardless of the list price of the product/service they have chosen.
    Default Loyalty:The Default Loyalty is linked to the price of the product/service. Whenever the price changes, the corresponding loyalty earned by the customer will also change based on the loyalty criteria set against the store.

  11. Loyalty can also be manually enabled for each individual customer. Navigate to a customer record from the Manage Customer section, and click on Edit Customer. You'll find a trigger called Enable Loyalty that can be turned on or off.

    RepairDesk Loyalty Program Setup Picture 4

How to issue loyalty points

Note: In order to issue loyalty points, it is important to select a customer while making an invoice. No loyalty will be issued for walk-in customers.

  1. On the POS screen, select the customer to whom the invoice will be going out to.
  2. Add items to the cart and click on the Checkout button.
  3. When the customer makes the full payment on their invoice, loyalty points will be issued to them. These points will be shown on thermal receipt when printed. You can also track loyalty issued to customers for a particular invoice from the Manage Invoices section.

    RepairDesk Loyalty Program Setup Picture 5

    Similarly, loyalty points issued to the customer can also be tracked from View Customer detail page where there is a separate section for loyalty history against that customer.

How to redeem loyalty points

If a customer wants to redeem their available loyalty points, on the Checkout screen while creating an invoice, the user can select Loyalty as the payment method and take payment through loyalty points.

Customers can pay

  • The entire sale amount with their loyalty points
  • Part of the sale amount with their loyalty points

Please note that the Loyalty payment method will appear greyed out and will not be available in case the loyalty points a customer has are not enough to pay for the entire sale.

To use loyalty points to pay for part of a sale, enter the desired amount in the Loyalty and click the Confirm button. This amount must be less than or equal to the number of loyalty points the customer has earned. Once the payment has been made, you can use another payment method for the remainder of the sale.

RepairDesk Loyalty Program Setup Picture 14

How to issue loyalty refunds

If the customer has earned loyalty points on an invoice and wants a refund, the loyalty points that they have earned on that invoice will also be refunded, i.e. their loyalty points will be deducted from the system.

Please Note: Loyalty points will be fully refunded if an invoice is partially refunded.

Reverting loyalty points 

If you have issued loyalty points to a customer by mistake and want to revert the transaction, you can easily do that. From add loyalty pop-up as explained above, select the type as VOID instead of ISSUE.

Enter the value of loyalty points that you want to revert alongwith reason and hit SAVE. Entered loyalty value will be deducted from available loyalty balance of the customer.

Similarly if you want to issue loyalty points to a customer manually, select type as ISSUE and loyalty points will be added to the available loyalty balance of the customer.

Loyalty Report

We have a separate report to keep the track of all loyalty points issued to or redeemed by any customer. Through this report, you can easily evaluate the effectiveness of your loyalty program.

The Loyalty Report helps you keep track of all loyalty points issued, redeemed and refunded to customers for each store. It also helps you to maintain store-wise statistics for your loyalty program.

RepairDesk Loyalty Program Setup Picture 6

Emails and notifications on the Loyalty Program

Whenever loyalty points for a customer are issued, redeemed or refunded, they will receive an automated email/SMS. We have incorporated some default email/SMS templates for this purpose. Under the Emails and Notifications section in your Store Settings, you will find the email templates that you can edit and customize according to your needs. You will also be able to use macros to edit the email templates.

RepairDesk Loyalty Program Setup Picture 15


Q. Will my customers be able to keep track record of loyalty points earned?
A. Yes. You can instruct your customers to view their loyalty history by using the Customer Portal. In case a customer does not have access to the Customer Portal, they can reach out to you directly to get their login credentials.

RepairDesk Loyalty Program Setup Image 7

Q. Is it possible for my customers to sign up for the loyalty program multiple times?
A. No. A customer can sign up to the loyalty program only once. If they try to sign up again, the system will display a notification telling them that they are already signed up.

Q. Will a customer earn any loyalty points if the loyalty is enabled for the customer but not the product being sold?
A. In order for your customer to earn loyalty, it is important that the loyalty trigger is enabled for that customer, on the product being sold, and for the customer to be selected while making an invoice.

Q. How does loyalty work with discounts?
A. Line item discounts have an impact on the default loyalty of the product/service, and the loyalty earned will be on the amount after discount.
For example, if you have added a 10% line item discount to a product whose price is $100. The loyalty points will be calculated on the discounted price of the product, i.e. $90.

Overall discount will not have any impact on the loyalty points earned.

Q. Will loyalty points be earned on partially-paid invoices?
A. No. Loyalty points will not be earned on partially-paid invoices, and will only be issued once an invoice is fully paid.

Q. Can I add loyalty points to a customer's record manually?
A. Yes. Loyalty points can be manually added to a customer's record from the View Customer page as well as from POS.

RepairDesk Loyalty Program Setup Image 8

Q. Can my customers redeem their loyalty points at any store location?
A. If your customers are shared across the business and loyalty is enabled on all store locations, then customers can redeem their loyalty points at any store location. Otherwise, they will be able to redeem loyalty points only at the store from where the loyalty points were earned.

Q. Can I issue loyalty points when an invoice is paid from the "Manage Invoices" section?
A. Yes. You can issue and redeem loyalty points from the Manage Invoices section.

Q. If any of my customers is a third-party customer, will they still be able to earn and redeem loyalty points?
A. In case of third-party customers, loyalty points will be issued to the third party, and can be redeemed by third-party customers.

Q. Why am I unable to see the option to enable/disable loyalty for customers from customer groups?
A. The loyalty points for customers that fall into any customer group are linked with that particular customer group. In this case, if loyalty points for the customer group is enabled, the customers in that group will receive loyalty points.

Q. Will my customers will be able to redeem loyalty points after I have disabled the loyalty module?
A. No. Once the module is disabled, your customers will not be able to redeem their outstanding loyalty points.

Q. Can I send the loyalty program invitation link to my customers through emails and SMS?
A. Yes, you can. We have included a macro for you to invite your customers to sign up to your loyalty program. You can include this macro in the emails and SMS you want and send an invitation to your customers anytime.

RepairDesk Loyalty Program Setup Image 9

Q. Will this module work on the iPad POS Register app as well?
A. Yes. You can issue and redeem loyalty points on invoices made from the iPad POS Register app. Our team is working on adding the option to set custom and default loyalty from iPad soon.

Q. How can I add loyalty login portal to my website?
A. You simply have to copy and paste the given iFrame code to desired location on your website where you want to show the loyalty login portal. Under Welcome Email template tab --> you will see the option to generate iFrame code.

The loyalty signup portal will be shown on your website from where your customers can sign up for the loyalty program directly.

Q. I don't want to issue loyalty points to customers on purchasing gift cards. How can I do that?
A. Its really simple. We have a trigger in loyalty module settings to offer loyalty on selling gift cards. By default this trigger will be OFF and no loyalty points will be offered when gift card is sold. If you turn this trigger ON, loyalty points will be issued when gift cards are sold.

This trigger will only be shown to those customers who have gift cards module enabled.

Q. Will I be able to see loyalty points, gift cards number and value when customer details are exported?
A. Yes definitely, when you will export customer details, you will see the loyalty points issued, number of gift cards against that customer, total value of these gift cards and store credits issued to the customer in exported file.

Q. Can I send an email/sms reminder to my loyal customer when I am about to end the loyalty program?
A. Yes you can send an email to your loyal customers to remind them to use available loyalty points when you are about to end the loyalty program. Besides welcome email tab, you will get a tab to send program ending email as shown below

You can customize this email as per your requirements.

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