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Item-wise Sales Report

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This report will provide the daily insight of cash received and how much profit is generated by each item and services sold. In this report, Report will only display data for fully paid invoices and only line item discount will be entertained against an item.

Note: By default, the report will display data for the current date. 

What value this report will bring to 'Your Business' 

it will provide daily insight for your business and cash received in actual as its cash basis report.

How to view Sales by Item report:

 From Reports Section, under Sales Reports click on Item Wise Sales Report:

Report Search Filters

Store: user can select Single or Multiple Store to filter report data.

Date: user can set date for the report.

Customer: Report can be filtered on the basis of a specific customer.

Select criteria: Under criteria following fields will be present: -

Type: User can filter the report based on type. Category: Category will be based on the selected type. SKU: user can search by specific SKU Invoice ID: user can search by specific invoice id. Manufacturer: user can search item by the manufacturer. Device: User can search item by device Product Name: User can enter name/keyword of item or service to search sales report Refunded Invoice: if the user selects this option then refunded invoice will be shown for the specific date selected. Serial Number: User can also search item by serial number.

Report Columns

Stores: This column will show stores name. By default, it will show data for the current store.

Date: Date will be displayed here in this column.

Invoice ID: Invoice id for the transaction will be displayed.

Customer: Customer name will be displayed here.

Type: Type of the item used will be displayed.

Category: Category will be displayed for the item.

Product Name: Item will be displayed here

Quantity: Quantity of line item will be displayed here.

Total sales: Total sale amount will be displayed here

Discount: Discount applied item being sold.

COGS: COGS of all the repairs, unlocking, trade-in, accessories and causal item.

Net profit: Net profit can be calculated as ((total sales-discount) – COGS)

Net profit margin: Net Profit Margin can be calculated as ((total sales-discount) – COGS)/(Total sales-discount)

Total Tax: Tax applied on repairs, unlocking, trade-in, accessories and causal item.

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