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Damage Part Report

Whenever an item is marked as faulty, you can view it from the 'Damage Part Report' and can perform certain actions against them.

How to access the Report: 
The report can be accessed under  Product and Inventory Reports:

Report View:

Reports Filters:

Search filters:
Select Store: user can select store and view the date for related stores.
Date: user can select date criteria and view the required result.
Criteria: There are multiple criteria which can be applied and search can be optimized.

Following are the criteria which can be selected:
SKU: User can Search the record by SKU.
Source: User can select the source, that from where the item is added in a faulty report.
Status: User can select status and apply search
Keyword: user can add specific keywords and apply filter accordingly.
Manufacturer: User can add specific Manufacturer and apply filter.
Device:  User can add specific Device and apply filter.

Report Columns:

Store Name: Store name will be displayed here
Date: Date will be displayed here.
SKU: if SKU is attached with the item then it will be displayed here.
IMEI/Serial: Serial or IMEI will be displayed here for a specific item
Item Name: Item name will be displayed here in the column.
Supplier: supplier attached to the item will be displayed in a column.
Source: The source from where the item is added or marked as faulty will be displayed  in this column
Employee: Employee who has marked the item as faulty will be shown here in this column.
Reason of warranty / Refund: Reason added at the time of the refund will be shown here in the column.
Status: Current status of the item will be shown in this column.

Action: Under Action button, you can perform the following actions:

Restock Item: User can restock item from faulty report. once the item is restocked no action can be performed against it.

Create RMA: User can create RMA for the faulty item once RMA is created for an item, user will have option to View RMA .
Mark Breakage: User can either mark item as breakage, where this item will only appear in the faulty report for the record. once the item is marked as breakage no further action can be performed against it.

Export Report:

The report can be exported in three different way, user can print, export CVS or PDF file.
these options are available on the top right corner fo the report.

Directly created RMA will also show in damaged part report with status as In RMA and you can only view them, no other action can be performed against it.

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