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Refurbishment Module


In Repairdesk, the Manage Refurbishment feature allows you to track and manage the refurbishment process of devices or items that require repairs. This feature is especially useful for businesses that offer refurbishment services or deal with pre-owned devices.

1. What is Refurbishment?

Refurbishment refers to the process of restoring or renovating a device or item to a like-new condition. It involves repairing or replacing any faulty components, cleaning, and testing the device to ensure it functions properly.
Sometimes, businesses purchase cell phones in bulk from suppliers, but some of these devices may come out faulty or slightly damaged. To make these phones ready for resale, they need to be repaired and fixed in-house

2. Search and How to Manage Refurbishment Module?

  • To create a refurbishment for a specific serial, navigate to the Inventory section and click on Manage Refurbishment.
  • The refurbishment listing page will open up, displaying all the available refurbishment batches.


You can search Refurbishment data on the base of following criteria;
- Batch ID
- Batch Date
- Batch Name (new)
- Store Name (new)
- Refurbishment Ticket ID
- Refurbishment Status
- Manufacturer
- Device
- Employee

3. How to Create Refurbishment Ticket From Manage Refurbishment Module:

  • To create a new refurbishment ticket, click on "Create Refurbishment Batch."

  • A new window will appear, allowing the user to add the serial numbers or Trade-In items for the refurbishment batch.

  • Once the serials or Trade-In items are added, the user can either proceed to review the batch or add more serials if needed.
  • Click on "Proceed to Review," and the refurbishment ticket will be created.

Once you click on the "Save" button, the system will prompt you to choose between viewing the Refurbishment Ticket or Refurbishment Batch.

If you click on "View Refurbishment Ticket," you'll be redirected to the ticket details page.

Note: Refurbishment tickets are only created for serialized items.

4. How to Create Refurbishment Ticket for Serial from Manage Inventory:

  • Open the inventory master and go to the serial tab.
  • Select the serial for which you want to create a refurbishment ticket.
  • Create the refurbishment ticket for the selected serial.
Once the ticket is marked as "Repaired," its status will be changed to "On Hand," and the user can now sell that serialized item.

5. How to Create Refurbishment Batch for Trade-In Items:  

RepairDesk now allow there users to include trade-in items within refurbishment batches directly from the trade-in item listing. Here’s how it works:

Permission Configuration:

A new permission Create Refurbishment Batch is added under the Roles and Permissions section of the Trade-In module.

Settings > Employees > Manage Roles Permission > Trade-In

By default, admins and super admins will be able to include trade-in items within refurbishment batches

Option Visibility:

The Create Refurbishment Batch option appears in the main action dropdown on the trade-in listing page, only for users with the Create Refurbishment Batch permission enabled.

Users without this permission cannot see the option.

Batch Creation from Trade-In Listing:

Select records from the trade-in listing and click on the Create Refurbishment Batch option.

Only in-stock trade-in items will be added to the refurbishment batch.

Clicking the Create Refurbishment Batch option navigates to the refurbishment batch creation page, displaying the selected in-stock trade-in items.

Pause Batch:

Clicking the pause batch option displays the selected trade-in items as Pending Refurb in the trade-in listing and item page.

If a refurbishment ticket is not created for the batch, the batch reference displays under the price tab of trade-in Item.

Clicking the batch reference redirects to the corresponding batch update page from where you can create a refurb ticket for a batch.

Search Bar Update:

The search bar within the refurbishment module is updated to include trade-in items in the search results.

You can search for trade-in items using trade-IMEI, Serial, or item ID.

You can scan trade-in items using the search bar.

6. Roles and Permissions:

  • Access Permission: Employees with only Access permission can view the refurbishment batches but cannot create new refurbishment tickets.
  • Edit Permission: Employees with both Access and Edit permissions can perform all actions, including creating new batches, editing paused batches, and creating refurbishment tickets.
  • Delete Permission: The delete option is not available for refurbishment batches, so the Delete Permission has no effect.
Additionally, admins can restrict users from changing the employee name while creating a refurbishment ticket by disabling a specific trigger.
By utilizing the Refurbishment module effectively, businesses can efficiently repair and refurbish bulk cell phones, preparing them for successful re-sale.

7. Benefits of using Manage Refurbishment in Repairdesk

Using the Manage Refurbishment feature in Repairdesk offers several benefits for your repair business:
  • Streamlined refurbishment process: Repairdesk helps you streamline the refurbishment process by providing a centralized platform to manage and track all refurbishment jobs.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: With Repairdesk, you can keep your customers updated about the status of their refurbishment jobs, enhancing their overall experience.
  • Efficient inventory management: Repairdesk's inventory management capabilities ensure that you have the necessary parts and components available for refurbishment jobs, avoiding delays and improving efficiency.
  • Data-driven insights: The reports generated by Repairdesk provide valuable insights into your refurbishment operations, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven business decisions.

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Q. Is there any option to create a refurbishment ticket of serial directly from Item master?
A. Yes, you can create the refurbishment ticket for a serial directly from Item Master.

Click on action button against a serial and add serial into refurbishment batch and then create its refurbishment ticket.

You can also select multiple serials and add them into a refurbishment batch.

Q.How can I view the serial status from POS?
A. You can view serial status from POS by following some simple steps:
Click on the Barcode Icon on the top of POS and scan item serial.

Once you have scanned the item's barcode, a pop up will open where the current serial status will be shown and the user can perform any action accordingly. 
If the user creates a refurbishment ticket, then it will redirect the user to the following window:

Q. Can I transfer a refurbishment ticket from one store to other stores?  
A. No refurbishment ticket cannot be transferred to other stores.

If a ticket is refurbishment ticket then it'll not have any transfer option.

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