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Refurbishment Module

Sometimes businesses buy cellphones in bulk from the suppliers that come out faulty or a bit damaged. These phones need to be repaired & fixed in-house to make them ready for the re-sale.

To address this issue, RepairDesk has introduced its refurbishment module where you can create a refurbishment ticket and can track the refurbishment cost. You can also track the serial status in minimum clicks by scanning a barcode.

How to Manage Refurbishment Module:

In order to create refurbishment for a serial, we need to go to Inventory => Click on Manage Refurbishment

Once You click on Manage Refurbishment, refurbishment listing page will open up, showing all the refurbishment batches.

How to Create Refurbishment Ticket From Manage Refurbishment Module:

You can create a new refurbishment by clicking on Create Refurbishment Batch.

You'll see a new window where user can create a batch by adding serial in it. 

Once the serial is added, you can either proceed to review or drop some more serials if you want.

Click on Proceed to Review, and the refurbishment ticket will be created.

Once you click on Save button, the system will ask you either View Refurbishment Ticket or View Refurbishment Batch.

If you click on View Refurbishment Ticket, you'll b redirected to the ticket details page.

Note: Refurbishment ticket will only be created for a serialized item.

How to Create Refurbishment Ticket for Serial from Manage Inventory:

Open inventory master and go to the serial tab. select serial and create refurbishment ticket.

Once the ticket is marked as Repaired, its status will be changed to On Hand and user can now sell that serial.

Roles and Permission:

Admin can restrict employees based on the permissions assigned to a specific role.

Access Permission:

If only Access permission is granted to a specific employee role, then he can only view the refurbishment batches and cannot create a new refurbishment ticket.

Edit Permission:

If Access and Edit permissions are granted to a specific role then he can perform all the actions, that includes, creating a new batch, editing a paused batch and creating refurbishment tickets.

Delete Permission:

The delete option is not available for refurbishment batch so, it has no effect.

While creating a refurbishment ticket, admin can restrict users to change the employee.

Once this trigger is disabled, the user cannot change the employee name while creating refurbishment ticket.


Q. Is there any option to create a refurbishment ticket of serial directly from Item master?
A. Yes, you can create the refurbishment ticket for a serial directly from Item Master.

Click on action button against a serial and add serial into refurbishment batch and then create its refurbishment ticket.

You can also select multiple serials and add them into a refurbishment batch.

Q.How can I view the serial status from POS?
A. You can view serial status from POS by following some simple steps:
Click on the Barcode Icon on the top of POS and scan item serial.

Once you have scanned the item's barcode, a pop up will open where the current serial status will be shown and the user can perform any action accordingly. 

If the user creates a refurbishment ticket, then it will redirect the user to the following window:

Q. Can I transfer a refurbishment ticket from one store to other stores?  
A. No refurbishment ticket cannot be transferred to other stores.

If a ticket is refurbishment ticket then it'll not have any transfer option.

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