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Franchise Fee Setup

Franchise Fee:

The franchise fee is the payment made by a franchisee to the franchisor for joining the franchise system.  

Setting up Franchise Fee:

 User can set franchise fee against each store from store setting. it will be based on payment received, total sales or net profit of that store.
user can set a certain percentage based on which franchise fee will be calculated.

To  Access Setup follow simple steps:
Goto settings =>Store settings => Franchise Fee setup

Here you can select store, assign a certain percentage of fee and calculation criteria on which it will be calculated.
Calculation Criteria:
Payment Received
Total sales
Net Profit
Based on these Stats franchise fee will be calculated and displayed in the respective column.
Note: once selected store will not be displayed in the dropdown of store name.

Its result can be seen in a multi-store report where new column is displayed based on this setup.
if a user has not set up this fee then this column will not be shown in the report. or if he deletes the setup for all stores then this column will also disappear from a report.

Note: Franchise fee setup will only be shown to Admin User.

The user can translate the required word from by using Language editor.
In order to know about language editor click here 

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