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Cash In/Out History Report

Cash In/Out History Report allows the user to see the amounts on the basis of cash in/out based on payment type along with the reason.

Report Search Filters

Register: User can select the Register to generate the report according to the selected register.

Type: User can also filter the report by selecting the type, as Cash In or Cash Out.

From Date: User can select from date to get report data from that selected date.

To Date: You can filter the report till some specific date by selecting to date filter.

Print: You can print the Cash In/Out History Report by clicking the print button.

Report Columns

Date: Date of the Manual In/Out is displayed in this column.

ID: ID of the Manual In/Out is shown in this column.

Register: Register against which cash in/out transaction is made.

Type: Type column displays Manual In/Out according to the transaction.

Amount: Amount for the Manual Out is shown with the (-) negative sign, while Amount for the Manual In is shown with the (+) positive sign.

Payment Type: Payment type like Cash is displayed in this column.

Payment Method: This column shows the payment method through which payment is done.

Reason: Reason for the Manual In/Out is displayed in this column.

Reference Document: You can view and download any reference document attached.

Action: Update button in this column allows you to update the transaction details during a shift.

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