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Tax Report

Tax Report gives you a chance to view the amount of taxes against all the tax classes which are incurred against the invoices. This report of accrual based.

Report Search Filters

Select Store: User can select single or multiple stores to view the report according to the selected stores.

Date: Select the date from the given criteria or set the custom dates to filter the report.

Keyword: You can search through the keyword (Invoice Number or Customer).

CSV: You can export the report in Excel file.

PDF: PDF button allows you to generate the PDF file for the report.

Print: You can print the Tax report by clicking the print button.

Report Columns

Store Name: This column of the report gives the store name.

Date & Time: User can view the Date and Time of the transaction.

Transaction Type: Transaction type column gives at status as taxable or non-taxable sale.

Customer: Customer name is displayed in this column.

Invoice ID: ID of the invoice is shown in this column.

Invoice Amount: Total amount of the invoice is shown in this report column.

Tax Classes: All the created tax classes along with tax percentage are displayed in the columns with their amounts like VAT (5%), GST (10%) etc.

Total Tax: Total Tax include the amount of total tax against all the tax classes against an invoice.

Total: Total at the end of the report gives the total amount of all invoices, each tax class, and the total tax against the specified date range or store.

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