Employee Commission Breakdown Report

Employee Commission Breakdown Report allows you to view the Sales Amount, Total Cost, Net Profit, Commission Base, Commission Payable and the status.

Report Search Filters

Store: You can select Store to generate report for a specific store.

Employee: You can select an employee if you want to generate report for the specific employee.

Status: You can filter the results of the reports on the basis of paid and unpaid commissions through this filter.

Item Name: You can search by specifying the item name.

From Date: Report can be filtered from the specific date according to the requirement.

To Date: You can filter the report results by specifying the Date in this field.

Actions: You can use this button to print or void marked one or more selected items.

Report Columns

Date: You can view the date of the invoice and other details of commission in this column.

Invoice # (Clickable): Invoice # is shown in this column which you can click to open an invoice.

Commissioned Sale Person: Name of the commissioned sale person is shown in this column.

Sales Amount: Sales Amount of the invoice is shown in this column.

Total Cost: Total cost against the invoice is shown in this column.

Net Profit: Net Profit incurred against the invoice is depicted by this column.

Commission Base: Commission Base column shows whether the commission is based on the profit or sales amount.

Commission Payable: Payable Commission in Amount or Percentage is shown in this column. 

Status: Status whether paid or unpaid is shown in this column.

Action: Action Button allows you to void the specific commission (if required).

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