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Employee Commission Breakdown Report


The Employee Commission Breakdown Report in RepairDesk is a powerful feature that allows you to track and analyze the commissions earned by your employees. This report provides detailed information about sales amount, total cost, net profit, commission base, commission payable, and status. By using this report, you can effectively manage and monitor the performance of your sales team.

1. Report Search Filters

  1. Store: You can select a specific store to generate the report for that particular location. This filter helps you analyze the commission breakdown for each individual store separately.
  2. Employee: If you want to generate the report for a specific employee, you can use this filter. It allows you to view the commission breakdown for a particular staff member.
  3. Status: This filter enables you to filter the results of the report based on paid and unpaid commissions. You can easily track which commissions have been paid and which are still pending.
  4. Item Name: If you want to search for a specific item in the commission breakdown, you can use this filter. It helps you find information related to a particular product or service.
  5. From Date: This filter allows you to set a specific date from which the report should be generated. You can choose any date according to your requirements.
  6. To Date: Similarly, you can filter the report results by specifying a date in this field. It helps you define the end date for the report.
  7. Actions: With this button, you can easily print or void one or more selected items from the report. It provides flexibility and convenience in managing the commission breakdown.

2. Report Columns

The Employee Commission Breakdown Report consists of several columns that provide comprehensive information about the commission details. The following columns are included in the report:
  1. Date: This column displays the date of the invoice and other relevant details of the commission.
  2. Invoice # (Clickable): In this column, you can click on the invoice number to directly open the associated invoice. This feature saves time and provides easy access to the required information.
  3. Commissioned Sale Person: The name of the commissioned salesperson is shown in this column. It helps you identify which employee earned the commission.
  4. Sales Amount: This column displays the total sales amount of the invoice. It provides a clear picture of the revenue generated through each transaction.
  5. Total Cost: The total cost incurred against the invoice is shown in this column. It allows you to calculate the profit margin for each sale.
  6. Net Profit: The net profit incurred against the invoice is depicted in this column. It helps you evaluate the profitability of each transaction.
  7. Commission Base: This column indicates whether the commission is based on the profit or sales amount. It gives you an understanding of how the commission is calculated.
  8. Commission Payable: In this column, the payable commission amount or percentage is displayed. It helps you determine the exact commission payable to each salesperson.
  9. Status: The status of the commission, whether paid or unpaid, is shown in this column. It enables you to track and manage the payment status efficiently.
  10. Action: The action button allows you to void a specific commission if required. This feature provides flexibility in managing the commission breakdown.

Key Takeaway

By utilizing the Employee Commission Breakdown Report in RepairDesk, you can effectively analyze the commissions earned by your employees. It helps you make informed decisions, monitor employee performance, and ensure accurate compensation. With its search filters and comprehensive columns, this report provides valuable insights into your sales and commission data.

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