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My Commission Report


The purpose of "My Commission Report" in RepairDesk is to provide employees with a detailed view of their commissions based on different types, including repair, accessories, unlocks, trade-ins, and casual transactions. The report also displays the total commission earned by each employee, categorized by type.

1. Report Search Filters

  • Store: You can select a specific store to generate the report for that location.
  • Employee: You have the option to choose a particular employee to generate the report for their commissions only.
  • From Date: By selecting a preferred date, you can retrieve my commission report starting from that specific date.
  • To Date: Similarly, by choosing a preferred date, you can get my commission report up until that specific date.1.

2. Report Columns

The following columns are displayed in the My Commission Report:

  • Store: This column provides the name of the store associated with the report.
  • Employee: The employee's name is shown in this column.
  • Repair (Clickable): This column displays the commission earned against repair transactions, and you can click on it to view further details.
  • Accessories (Clickable): The commission earned from accessories sales is shown in this column, and clicking on it reveals more information.
  • Unlocks (Clickable): This column shows the commission earned from unlocking services, and additional details can be accessed by clicking on it.
  • Trade In (Clickable): Commission earned from trade-in transactions is displayed here, and you can click to view details.
  • Casual (Clickable): The commission earned from casual transactions is shown in this column, and clicking on it provides more insights.
  • Total: This column showcases the total commission earned by an employee across all types, including Repair, Accessories, Unlocks, Trade-In, and Casual.
By utilizing the report search filters and understanding the report columns, employees can easily track and analyze their commission earnings for different transaction types within RepairDesk.

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