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Employee Activity Log

It is difficult to keep track of the employee activities. RepairDesk has come up with the employee activity log which help the owners in monitoring and tracking the activities of the employees. This reports allow the owners to track all the activities and maintain the log for the employees. Main purpose of Employee Activity Log report is to keep track of all the activities performed by employees. Therefore, you cannot edit or delete any record, in order to get the perfect picture of the employee activities.

Report Search Filters
Report search filters allow you to narrow down your search by selecting criteria including:

Store: Select the store and view activities of the employees in the specific store or user can multi-select stores to see data for all stores.

Employee: Search and track the activities of employees. You can also select multiple employees. 

From Date: This filter allows you to view the activities from a specific date

To Date: To Date filter lets you view activities of employees till the specified date.

Action: You can filter your search on the basis of specific action regarding the employees like login, log out, start shift, end shift, add inventory, update inventory etc.

Day/Week/Month: RepairDesk gives you a chance to view activities of the employees on Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis. Select the tab on the top right corner among day, week or month and get the relevant report.

Report Columns

Date: Date of the employee activity is shown in this column

IP: IP address of the employee related to the activity is shown in this IP Column

Store: Store in which the activity is done is shown in this column

Employee: Employee Name for the related activity is shown in this column

Email: Email address is specified in this column

Action: Action for the employee activity is shown in this column like (Log in, Log Out, Start Shift, End Shift etc.)

Event Log: Log details of the event is shown in this column like shift start information the specific register at a specific store.

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