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In Transit Inventory Report

In Transit Inventory report offers the data for the inventory items which are in transit (transfer not completed) from one location to another location or marked as faulty.

Report Acess:

User can access this report from Manage inventory => Inventory transfer

 User can access it through Reports =>Product and inventory Reports => Intransit Report 

Report Search Filters

Manufacturer: You can search in-transit inventory items for a specific manufacturer through this filter.

Device: Device filter allows you to filter and see the in-transit inventory for the specific device.

Item Name: You can search for the in-transit items by specifying the item name

SKU: SKU can be given in this filter to search for the in-transit inventory,

Order ID: Order ID can be used to search for the inventory items in Transit

Tracking ID: You can search for the inventory items in transit by giving the Tracking ID.

To Location: This filter allows you to search the in-transit inventory items to a specific location by selecting to location.

Action: You can print the report through the action button.

Report Columns

Date: Date for the specific inventory transfer will be dislapyed in this column.

 Transfer ID: ID Of the in transfer order Id is shown in this column

Tracking ID: Tracking ID (if specified) is shown in the column

SKU: SKU for the item is shown in this column.

Name: Name of the In Transit inventory is shown in this name column.

 Shipped QTY: Total quantity of the item in transit is depicted through this column.

Received QTY: Total quantity of the item in transit is depicted through this column. (in case when partially received)

From Location: Store from which the inventory is transferred is shown in this column.

To Location: Destination store/location of the in transit inventory item is shown in this column.

Status: Status for the specific transfer item is shown here.

Action: Action option will be available for rejected and faulty items. User can either add inventory back to the system or leave it as faulty.

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