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Inventory Summary Report


The purpose of the inventory summary in Repairdesk is to provide users with a comprehensive view of their in-stock items across different stores. It allows users to track the quantity and value of their inventory at any given time and also keeps them informed about items on purchase order. The overall total of the displayed items is conveniently displayed at the bottom of the report.

Report Search Filters

  • Select Store: Users can choose a specific store to view data for that particular location. It is also possible to select multiple stores simultaneously.
  • Date: By default, the report displays data according to the current date. However, users have the option to check inventory for a specific selected date (not a date range).
  • Select Criteria: Users can search for a specific item by its Category, Manufacturer, Devices, SKU, IMEI, Product Name, and Product ID. They can add multiple search criteria by selecting from the drop-down menu.

Report Columns

    • Store Name: This column lists all the available stores.
    • Manufacturer: This column shows the manufacturer associated with each item.
    • Device: This column displays the device associated with each item.
    • Category: This column indicates the category of each item.
    • Product Name: This column shows the name of each product.
    • SKU: If a default SKU exists for an item, it will be displayed in this column.
    • On hand: This column displays the total quantity of the item currently in stock.
    • Average cost price: In case of serialized inventory, this column shows the average cost price calculated by dividing the cost of each serial by the total number of serials.
    • Total value: This column represents the total value of the stock, calculated by multiplying the quantity by the on-hand value.
    • On PO: This column indicates the quantity of an item that has been ordered for purchase through a Purchase Order.

Inventory Snapshot

To enable the Inventory Snapshot feature, access your store settings through the dashboard and locate "Module Configuration" and then "Inventory." Within Module Configuration, find and select "Inventory," and look for the option to enable the "Inventory Snapshot" feature.

Once enabled, the system will automatically capture your daily inventory, and at the end of each day, your daily inventory data will be seamlessly added to the export log.

In the Inventory Snapshot feature, you have the flexibility to choose specific employees to share your daily inventory with. Utilize the dropdown menu to easily select the desired employee. That person will receive the download button in his/her email.

Serials in Exported File

The Inventory summary report when exported to Excel contains a new On Hand Serials column located right after the On Hand Quantity column.

In this column, serials available against the serialized inventory items are displaying, separated by pipe operator. 

Valuation Method Filter

A valuation method filter has also been added to the select criteria dropdown of the Inventory Summary Report.

Select the desired valuation method to apply it to the report.  

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