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Inventory Summary Report

Inventory Summary Report gives the total quantity and value of all your in-stock items across the different stores. You can view the on-hand inventory quantity and value at any point in time and track the items which are on the purchase order. Overall total is displayed at the bottom of the report for the items displayed on the current page.

Report Search Filters

Select Store: You can use the criteria of select store to view data for a particular store. Selection of multiple stores at the same time is also possible.

Date: Report displayed according to current date (by default), and you can check inventory for specific selected date. (Not date range)

Select Criteria: User can search a specific item by its Category, Manufacturer, Devices, SKU, IMEI, Product Name and Product ID.  User can add multiple criteria by selecting from the Drop-down.

Report Columns

Store Name: Store column gives the list of all available stores.

Manufacturer: This column show the manufacturer associated with the item.

Device: This column show the Device Associated with the item.

Category: This column show the item category attached to particular product.

Product Name: This column shows the Product name.

SKU: If SKU (Default SKU) exist against item then it will display here in this column.

On hand: Total quantity of the item on hand is displayed here in this column.

Average cost price: Average cost price will display here, in case of serialized inventory (cost of each serial divided by total number of serial is equal to the average cost for serial)

Total value: Total quantity multiply with total on hand equal total value of the stock.

On PO: This show that how much quantity user has ordered for purchase through the Purchase Order.

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