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Part Consumption Report

Part Consumption Report:
This report displays the parts which are consumed during any specific repair service. 

What value does this report brings to your business?

You can view the details of parts consumed/used against any added repair service.

How to view Part Consumption Report:

In order to view Part Consumption Report, go to Reports from the top section, scroll down to the Products & Inventory Report and click on Part Consumption Report.

Part Consumption Report:

Search Filter:
Following are the search filters based on which user can view the report;

A user can view a report or filter out a report based on the above filters.

Report Columns:

i.      Stores: User will be able to view the tickets of the current store or store selected from store filter.

ii.      Date: Date on which parts are consumed for a specific service.

iii.     Ticket ID: Ticket against which the invoice is generated (Clickable) 

iv.     Invoice ID: Invoice ID for which service is performed (Clickable)

v.       Customer Name: Customer name will be shown who used the service

vi.     Service Name: This is the service name from Services Master

vii.    Parts Consumed: This is the parts consumed against the service

viii. Parts Category: This is the category to which that part belongs

ix.       SKU: This is the SKU from Items Master.

x.       Qty: Quantity of the consumed part(s).

xi.        Supplier: Supplier for that relevant part

xii.        Status: Status of the part (Consumed, Used etc.)

xiii.       Total Revenue: Total revenue generated on the basis of invoice.

xiv.     Tax: Tax (if applicable)

xv.      Total COGS: Total cost of the goods sold.

xvi. Technician: one who complete the repair task
xvii.        Discount: If any discount given on the parts.

xviii.      Profit: Profit earned on the parts (it will be calculated by Total Revenue-Discount)

xix.    Margin: It will show the margin, that was set for that repair store (will be calculated by Profit/Total Revenue-discount)


Q. How the data in the report will be displayed in the report?
A. All the data related to the ticket will be displayed in this report. If there is no invoice created, then the calculation section will be blank. 
Once the invoice is created, data will be populated in the blank fields.

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