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Total Amount by Payment Type Report


The purpose of this report is to provide users with information on the total amount collected for different payment types. It allows businesses to identify which payment type is used most frequently and how much revenue is generated through each payment method.

1. Report Filters

  • Stores: You can select a single store or access multiple stores to view the total revenue details.
  • Group by: This filter allows you to choose whether you want to view the report on a weekly or monthly basis. By default, the Group By Weekly option will be selected.
  • Date Filter: By default, the report will open based on the current date, but users can check the total revenue for a specific selected date by applying a date range.

2. Export Options

Once you have applied the desired filters, you can take further actions on the generated report:

  • Print
  • PDF
  • CSV

3. Reports Column

The Total Amount by Payment Type report includes the following columns:

  • Store: Displays the name of the store.
  • Payment Type: Shows the payment types associated with each transaction and the total amount collected through each type.

Viewing Details for Each Store

If your business has multiple stores, you can review the details for each store by clicking on the "+" button. This will expand the report to show individual store data.

Key Takeaway

This report provides valuable insights into payment trends and helps businesses track their revenue based on different payment methods. It enables better decision-making and optimization of payment processing systems.

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