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Total Revenue by Customer Report

Total Revenue by Customer Report will allow the user to see the total revenue generated by the customer and customer group in each store. 

What value will this report bring to your business?

From this report, the user will get an idea about the customers through which more revenue is generated and how many items are sold to a specific customer.

How to view Total Revenue by Customer?

In order to view Total Revenue by Customer, go to Reports from the top section, then scroll down to the Sales Reports, click on "Total Revenue by Customer Report".

Total Revenue by Customer Report:

Report Filters:
Total Revenue by Customer Report comes with following search filters:

The user can select a date range for which he wants to view data for a specific customer or for all customers.

The user can select the criteria and narrow down his search by selecting one of the criteria.

Report Columns :
The following columns will be included in the report;

 i.       Customer: Name of the customer will be shown.

ii.     Customer Email: Customer email will be displayed here.

iii.    Customer Mobile No: Customer's Phone/ Mobile No. will be displayed here.

iv.     Customer Group: If a customer is associated with any customer group, then it will be displayed. (In case of customer group and third-party billing, it will bring search results with respect to third-party billing customer as a specific customer is associated with revenue).

v.    Items Sold: It will show the total number of items sold to the customer (Displays records of all the items included in the Repairs, Accessories, Network Unlocks, trade-ins and Casual).

vi.     Revenue: This will show the revenue generated by the customer.

Note: Revenue is basically sales value.

vii.    Discounts: This column will display the total discount given to the customer against all the items sold.

viii.    COGS: This will list the cost of the goods sold to the customer.

ix.       Total Tax: Total tax deducted amount will be shown in this field.

 x.        Profit: Profit will be calculated as;

Revenue minus COGS minus Discount minus Total Tax (Revenue- Cost of Goods Sold) will give the profit value.

 xi.       Margin: Profit divided by the revenue (Profit/Revenue) will give the margin against each customer and will be shown in the percentage (%).

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