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Total Revenue Sales Report

Total Revenue Sales report allows the user to see the total revenue of the sales, generated on a specific day/date against single or multiple stores.

What value will this report bring to your business?  

Total Revenue Sales will allow admin to check sales revenue for a specific time period.
The user can view this report weekly or monthly.

How to view Total Revenue Sales report:

In order to view Total Revenue Sales, go to Reports from the top section, then scroll down to the Sales Report and click on Total Revenue Sales.

Total Revenue Sales:

The user can view report details by clicking (+) beside store name:

Report Filters:
Total Revenue Sales report comes with the following three search filters;

A user can either select a single store or he can access multi-stores and view its total revenue detail.

Group by:
This filter allows a user to view the report on a weekly or monthly basis.
Note: By default, Group By Weekly will be selected.

Date Filter:
By default, the report will open according to the current date, the user can check total revenue for a specific selected date by applying date range.

Group By:
Report data will be grouped by Week/Month. 
  • If user select Group by Week, data will be shown in the weekly buckets.
  • If the user selects Group by Month, the report data will be shown in the monthly buckets.

Reports Column:

i.   Revenue: This will give the revenue of the sales for a specific day on a weekly or monthly basis.

ii.  COGS: This will display the cost of goods sold to the customer

iii. Gross Profit: Revenue minus COGS (Sales- COGS) will give the gross profit against each sale.

iv. Margin: Gross Profit divided by Revenue (Gross Profit/Revenue) will give the margin against each sale and will be shown in the percentage (%)

v.  Total Tax: Total tax deducted amount will be shown in this field.

Note: This report will only be available for Admin and Superuser. The employee with no access will not able to view these reports.

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