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How did you hear about us report ?

How did you hear about us?

This report helps us to get idea about the source which is creating a pool of customer for over business.

Now Repair desk provides you with the better and more accurate report through which you can get to know about the referral source and revenue created from those sources.


Reports => How did you hear about us


From where we can add referrals:

Creating Customer:

While checking out/Making invoice:


From Lead section:

Create Ticket:

Attributes of the reports:

1.      In customer breakdown referrals from the customer are listed, if customer 1 is from Facebook and he comes very often to repair desk, he will be marked as one referral.

2.      In revenue breakdown, all the revenue from all referral source will be displayed accordingly.

3.      If the referral source is changed of a regular customer from customer master then the user is asked to keep a previous referral source or to change previously.

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