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How You Can Make your Customer Compliant With GDPR ?

GDPR is a legal framework of the EU legislation intended to standardize data regulation across Europe while providing greater protection and control over data to the consumer. The GDPR aims primarily to give control to citizens over their personal data and to simplify the regulatory environment for international business by unifying the regulation within the EU.

As we are SAAS base business so it's our responsibility to make sure that you and your customers are in compliance with GDPR.

For more detail, you can visit over privacy policy and GDPR section.

In order to comply, your customer with GDPR following are the steps.

Setup Part:

First, you need to add terms and conditions you want your customer to be aware of. These terms and conditions are for the customer to make them aware that we are In compliance with GDPR.

There will be some hard quoted text and you can add your custom terms and conditions. Press Save Changes after adding the desired terms and conditions related to GDPR. 

Manage Customers

 In order to make your customer GDPR compliance, you need to take their consent while adding their data.

Following are the section through which customer can be created:

  • POS
  • Leads section
  • Customer Module
  • Invoice 
  • Ticket section 

While adding a customer, provide all the information, after adding all the information ask customer either they want to be compliance with GDPR. If yes check the GDPR check box

 When you will check he GDPR checkbox then the following popup will appear:


  • While customer creation, you need to check Compliance with GDPR in order to make your customer GDPR compliant. 
  • Customer created from whichever source (POS, Tickets, invoice etc) you need to check Compliance with GDPR. 

After saving customer data it will appear in customer listing as follow:

If the customer is in compliance with GDPR and asks for his data to be removed at any time, you are liable to do so. For that, we have added a new option under Action Button as Forget.

Clicking on forget customer a new popup will appear where you can select from two options.

OPTION 1: Delete account: it will permanently delete customer data. 

OPTION 2: Keep first and last name: it will delete all data except first name and last name.


Manage customer listing:

Here you can see which customer is GDPR compliance or not:


  • Once any of the selected options are availed, it cannot be reverted back.
  • Once you delete account customer will be saved as a walk-in customer.

Customer creation from Repair Desk Widgets:

Customers can be created from the following widgets:

  • Appointment Calendar
  • Self Check-In
  • Buy Back 

1. Appointment Calendar

In Appointment Calendar Widget, if the customer provides all the data while creating an appointment in detail section there is a checkbox Compliance with GDPR, upon clicking that a popup will appear showing the terms and conditions related to GDPR. 

to know more about Appointment Calendar Click here

2. Self Check IN

At the time of Self Check In , the customer will add all the information, there is a checkbox under terms and conditions upon clicking that a popup will appear showing the terms and conditions related to GDPR. If customer selects that option then he will be complaint with GDPR.

To know more about Self Check-In Click here 

3. Buy Back Widget

In buyback widget at the time of adding personal details, there is a checkbox above term and conditions upon clicking that a popup will appear showing the terms and conditions related to GDPR. If customer selects that option then he will be complaint with GDPR.

To know more about Buy Back Widget Click Here


Q: Can I add customer details or update customer details once I used the forget options?

A: No you can not revert back once you have used either of the two options.

Q: What if while creating a customer I don't check the GDPR compliance checkbox?

A: if you have not selected the GDPR checkbox then your customer will not be GDPR compliance and forget options will not be implemented on him.

Q: What will happen if I use the option to delete customer account from Forget action?

A: If Account is deleted then it will appear as a walk-in customer . and all its record related to invoices and tickets will be associated with a walk-in customer.

Q: What will happen if I use the option to Keep first & last name from Forget action?

A: This will remove all the data from customer master except First and Last name. 

Q: How can I use the customer-facing display to take consent for the customer against GDPR?

A: You can add the required terms and conditions to customer facing display, which will be visible to the customer while signing.

Step 1 :  Update the terms and conditions in setup part with GDPR clause. 

For more information regarding integration click on the link  

There are three different types of term and conditions where you can add GDPR Term and condition along with the previous T&C.

1. Pre Device Repair 

2. Post Device Repair 

3. Trade In 

Step 2: Customer will be displayed the updated Terms & Conditions on which he will Sign. 

After signing the customer-facing display he can confirm to continue.

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