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What is Store type And How it Woks?

Store Type Feature


The store type feature adds a layer between the Business and the Store. The Business Owners can now differentiate stores that are Company Owned or Franchise. 

·        Store Type Feature works as an umbrella: Multiple Stores under one Store Type, like in below presentation.

·        Stores within the same Store Type can share Customers based on settings.

For Company Owned stores, all operational activities will remain with the Store Owner whereas in Franchise stores the operational activities will be executed by Franchise Holder with an agreement on royalty/commissions to the Business Owner. 

Some high level benefits from both growth strategies are as under. These two growth strategies are completely different, so whichever you choose will impact how you run your business.



Bring your business to different areas around the country or the world

Maintain control over every single aspect of the business

Manage the company with a lighter hand, leaving day-to-day duties to franchisees

Enjoy all of the profits

Earn money through royalties

Grow slowly, ensuring the optimal conditions for your business

Grow steadily and gradually

Spend less time training and developing materials

Store Type Setups


1.      Go to Store Settings > Store Types > Click New button

2.      Select Type, the two default types are Company Owned and Franchise

3.      In the name field enter the name for Store Type  

4.      Save the record

Store Setup


1.      Go to Store Settings > Manage Stores > Click New button to create a New Store

2.      Select Store Type (dropdown that lists all the Store Types we created) and all other information for making new store.


 ·        If you want to share customers across all Stores regardless of Store Types, you can activate the feature by clicking Activate in above screen.

·        By default if you create a Customer in STORE 1, it will be available in STORE 2 as they belong to same STORE TYPE. (see the below picture)

·        The customer created in STORE 1 will not be available in STORE 3, 4 & 5. 


Q. 1 Can I create multiple store types?

Answer: Yes, based on your business model you can create as many store types as you want.

Q. 2 Can I link up my Stores to their respective Store Types?

Answer: Yes, while creating Store Master you can select the Store Type from the dropdown list.

Q. 3 Can I delete store type?

Answer: Store type once created cannot be deleted, it can be renamed.

Q.4 Can Customer created in store 1 deleted from store 2?

Answer: Customer can only be deleted from the parent store, from where it was created.

Q.5 Can we change the store type from Franchise to Company owned or vice-versa?

Answer: Yes, you can change the store type from franchise to company owned.

Q.6 What will happen to Customer Data by changing the Store type?

Answer: Customer Data will be shifted to new store, the system will ask for confirmation before the transfer. 

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