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How To Set Up Global Tax?

With RepairDesk you can setup global tax, tax percentage and the option to include it in prices while creating your organization's profile. This will free you from the need to manually setup tax classes for repair parts, sales, accessories etc.

The way you set taxes up in RepairDesk depends on whether your in-store prices are displayed as tax inclusive or exclusive.

Note: If your store is in the USA or Canada then your prices would be tax-exclusive whereas in Australia, UK and New Zealand, tax-inclusive prices are applicable.  

To setup global tax for your new store:

1. Head to Manage Stores under General Settings.
2. Click on New to create a new store location.

3. Once you've entered store details, go to Other Information section.

4. If you don't want to keep previous tax settings,  select No from the drop-down menu "Do you want to keep default tax settings?"

5. If you want to apply sales tax, select Yes from the drop-down menu "Do you charge Sales Tax?"

6. Under Default Tax Class, enter the tax name which you want to apply as global tax throughout RepairDesk.

7. Under Tax Percentage, enter the percentage of tax you wish to apply.

8. If you want this prices to be inclusive of tax then select Yes from the drop-down menu "Tax is included in prices." If you want tax to be exclusive of price, the select No.

9. Once done, click on Save Changes.

Q. Why I'm unable to change these settings?
A. The above mentioned steps are applicable when you're adding a new store. If you desire to change global tax for existing stores, some fields might appear as locked. To enable global tax for existing stores:
1. Go to Tax Settings.
2. Click on Status and Default against the tax class which you want to be applied as global tax.
3. Once updated, you'll see a message "Tax Class Updated Successfully."

That's all. Now this tax class would be applicable to all repairs, accessories, parts etc as global tax class. 

Q. Can I set global tax when I sign up to RepairDesk?
A. Yes! RepairDesk gives you the option to setup global tax when you sign up for RepairDesk. When you sign up and create a store, please follow step 1 to 9, mentioned above, to enable global tax settings. This will allow you to upload your sample inventory/services with respect to Global tax setup.

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