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How to edit inventory label template?

 RepairDesk's template editor also allows you to customize inventory labels. Pick from a variety of available tags and choose which information to display or not on inventory labels. 

1. Go to Settings.
2.Module configuration=>  inventory 
3.Select inventory label design :

Now head toward template editor where you can add tags and choose which information to display or not on inventory labels.
Note: If you select Professional design Barcode type should be code 128.
Inventory Barcode label Size/width will be  27-88 mm by default. setting it from Lable size won't effect it.

4. Head to Module Configuration.
5. Open Template Editor.
6. Here among templates of invoices, estimates and ticket labels you will find Inventory Label Template.

7. Click on Action button. You will see option for preview and edit. Click on Preview to see how template looks like. Click on Edit to customize inventory label template. 

8. When you click on the edit option for inventory label, you will be redirected to the edit page. You can see various tags which will be fetching relevant data from RepairDesk database. You can also drop a tag or add a new one from the bottom under the heading of Available Tags.

This will be based on the selected label from Module configuration => Inventory Section.

9. Once you're done, click on Save button to save the changes which you have made.

Now you can edit your recurring billing email templates. You can tailor email templates for successful and failed card payments to admins and customers.

May be an image of text that says UPDATE Now Recurring Billing Email Templates are Editable  Styles Normal Font Hi store_owner_name Payment  invoice_number You have received the subscription payment from customer name against plan RepairDesk

There are around 50 tags which can satisfy almost all of your business requirements. We hope that you will find them quite useful! 

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