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How to add a currency?

RepairDesk provides a list of currencies while setting up a store location. However if you cannot find the specific currency of your country then you can always add a new currency under store settings. 

Add a Currency

To add a currency,
1. Go to Settings.
2. Head to Store Settings.
3. Click on General Settings and go to Other Information.
4. Here against Default Currency you can see a drop down menu from where you can select currency from a list.
5. In case the currency you are looking for in not in the list, Click on Add New Currency.


Currency Data

While adding a new currency, a pop up screen will open, asking you some details about the currency you are about to add. 

A. Currency Code
Each currency has a specific code associated with it. It is used internationally to differentiate various currencies from each other. Usually its a code comprising of three alphabets which are abbreviation of the currency, e.g. USD for United Stated Dollar, BTN for Bhutanese ngultrum etc.  

B. Currency Name
Enter the name of currency here e.g. Bhutanese ngultrum.

C. Symbol
Mention the specific currency symbol associated with the currency you are adding. It is used before or after the numeric amount in a currency, for example $450 for 450 United States Dollars.
Usually currency symbols are written before the numerical figure. However in some cases it is written on the right side, for example, Swedish Krona. RepairDesk will put currency symbol on the left side by default. However if you want the currency symbol to be placed on right side, just enable the trigger "Symbol on Right". 

ISO Numeric Codes
Currencies also have their respective ISO Numeric Codes. Mention the ISO code for your currency in the relevant field. 

Once all relevant information has been added, click on Create (button) to add currency. 

Note: While adding a currency, all fields are mandatory. 

Q. Can I place different default currencies in different store locations?
A. Yes. if you add a particular currency in one store location and add another store after that, same currency will be applicable on the newly added store location. However, you can still change it for newly added store by going to Settings >> Store Settings >> General Settings.

Q. Can I edit a currency after I have added one?
A. No. Once a currency is added it cannot be edited as it will be stored as a hardcore value in RepairDesk's back-end database.

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