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How can I change decimal separator in RepairDesk?

Representation of international currency can be a tricky task. Though we may think that a currency symbol is enough to distinguish a country's currency, there are other noteworthy aspects as well. 

While in USA and many other countries such as Australia and China, the decimal mark 'period' or "." is used to differentiate between integer and fractional part of a number. In European countries such as Germany, Spain and France along with other South American and African countries, the decimal mark 'comma' or "," is used. 

To facilitate our clients to record figures according to their regional preferences, RepairDesk has introduced a setting which allows you to pick the decimal separator according to your need and display numbers accordingly. If you select comma separator "," then product prices in RepairDesk will display these figures accordingly.

For Example:
With 'period' decimal separator: $450.95 
With 'comma' decimal separator: 450,95

How to set this up?
1. Head to Store Settings.
2. Go to the Other Information section. 
3. In Price Format field, select decimal separator from the drop-down menu. You can either select Decimal (.) or Comma (,)

4. Finally, click on Save to apply settings. 

Now prices will be displayed according to the decimal separator which you have selected, throughout RepairDesk.
 By default RepairDesk will display figures with 'period' decimal separator. User can change it to comma in store setting. All inputs are still in decimal however, therefore please put them in decimal (.); the comma (,) separator is only displayed where numbers are with currency symbols such as $, €, etc.

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