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Employee Productivity Report

Employee Productivity Report will allow you to analyze performance of your employees. You can see compare productivity and time utilization of employees along with analyzing how much sales they have generated.

1. Go to Reports >> Multi Store Report >> Store >> Employee Productivity Report.

2. In the Employee Productivity Report there are various sections:
a) You can view specific results by applying filters on the Search Filter
b) Under Top Employees By Sales section you can view your top three employees by sales.
c) In Employee Sales Analysis you can compare the sales brought by each employee. Sales target can be set to check if employees were able to reach it or not.
d) Employee Repair Jobs Analysis allows users to view productivity and time utilization by employees for repair jobs. Time utilization can be calculated on the basis of how much time a repair takes.

3.  Graphs in Employees Sales Analysis can tell you each employee's sales, targets, performance and commissions.

4. Sales target for each employee can be set by going to Settings >> Employees >> Manage Employees and updating employee. Here on the employee information screen you can set sales target for the employee.

5. You can view an employee's productivity and time utilization on the Employee Productivity Report. Time utilization is calculated on the basis of Average Job Time for each repair. This can be set by going to Inventory >> Manage services >> Repairs, selecting a repair and entering the Average Job Time in minutes in the relevant field.  

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