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⚡ How to a Create Customer Group and enable Third Party Billing?


Managing customers is an arduous task. Managing discounts for them is even more tiresome. Now with RepairDesk you can create Customer Groups and set wholesale prices for them. Customers within a specific group will receive same discounts as that of the customer group.

Along with that you can also enable Third Party Billing and set different retail prices for an item for different customer groups.

In a couple of clicks you can set customer groups and third party billing. Let us show you how!

Create a Customer Group

1.      Go to Customer > Customer Group.

Here all customer groups are listed. You can edit an existing group by clicking on Action >> Edit

2.      Click on Add Customer Group to create a customer group. Name the customer group and add different discount percentages for categories such as repairs, accessories etc. Finally click on Save. 

3.      To add a customer in a customer group, go to Customer >> Manage Customer. Edit the particular customer from Action >> Edit. Set the customer group in the relevant field.  

4.      If the Customer Group is set as Individual, the customer will not be added to any group.

Set different Item Prices for different Customer Groups

1.      Go to Inventory >> Manage Inventory >> Mobile, Accessories & Part.

2.      Open an item and go to Prices tab. Set different prices for different customer groups.  

Note: If sale price is set for an item it will override any retail price, whether set or not for a group. RepairDesk POS will first look at the Sales Price, then Customer Group Retail Price and then individual retail price.

Setup Third Party Billing

With third party billing, someone else can be charged for orders and purchases by a customer group.

1.      While creating a customer group, mark the checkbox for enabling third party billing.

2.      Enter the details for the third party who will pay for customer group’s order. Click on Save.

3.      Now when someone from a customer group will order or purchase item(s), the third party will be invoiced. 

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