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Integrate Google Calender With RepairDesk

Integrating Google Calendar with RepairDesk

RepairDesk offers integration with Google Calendar, allowing employees and technicians to receive alerts for upcoming tasks and view scheduled tasks and repair jobs assigned to them. Google Calendar is a time-management and scheduling calendar service developed by Google. Follow the simple steps below to successfully integrate RepairDesk with Google Calendar:

Steps to Integrate Google Calendar

  1. Head to Integrations > Google Calendar in your RepairDesk account.
  1. Click on the Connect button to enable the integration.
  1. Allow RepairDesk to access your Google account when prompted.
Google Calendar Step 3
  1. Open Google Calendar from your Google account.
Google Calendar Step 4
  1. Create a ticket on RepairDesk and set its due date and time. (visit tickets module to see how to create a ticket)
  1. Now, when you visit your Google Calendar and go to the specific due date, you will see a scheduled task against that ticket. By clicking on it, you can view various details regarding the ticket.
Google Calendar Step 6

Key Takeaway

By integrating Google Calendar with RepairDesk, you can enhance your task management and scheduling capabilities. Enjoy the convenience of receiving timely alerts and easily accessing scheduled tasks and repair jobs assigned to you.

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