How to configure Google Calendar?

With this integration you can:

- Enable employers or field technician to integrate their RepairDesk account with Google Calendar. As soon repair ticket is updated its status is automatically updated on Google Calendar.
- Allow employees to view scheduled tasks and repair jobs assigned to them using Google Calendar website or mobile app.
- At present an employee can view task assigned to themselves only.

How to setup Google Calendar:

To set up your Google Calendar with RepairDesk account, please follow the instructions below: 

1. Go to Account Drop-down on the top right corner of the screen. Here you can see your email address and store name. Click on it, and than click on Google Calendar settings

2. From this screen click on Connect button on the right side. will open a screen and will ask you to login from your google account. 

3. Once you have logged in, a screen will open in which you would be asked to allow offline access. 

4. Once you have clicked on Allow, you will be taken back to the Google Calendar Settings page and you will see the message informing you that you have successfully integrated repair ticketing module with Google Calendar. You can always disable this integration by clicking on the Disconnect button

5. Now create a ticket on RepairDesk and set its due date and time.

6. Now, when you will visit your Google Calendar, and go to that specific due date you can see a scheduled task against that ticket. On clicking on it you can see various details regarding the ticket.


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