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🎓 Difference: Inventory Item and Service Item

While both the inventory item and service item are sold through POS, there are differences between the two. Let's learn about them and see what we can do with each of them.

What's a Service Item or Repair?

A Service Item (also called "Repair") is what makes RepairDesk and your shop run. Simply said, it’s a cellphone repairing service for a particular Device that you provide to your customers in return of a repairing fee. In RepairDesk, you setup all the service items (or simply “Repairs”) that you offer, then simply start creating tickets for them on the POS. Once a Repair ticket is completed, you can collect payments from the customer. 

Here are a few help articles to get you started with repairs in RepairDesk:

What's an Inventory Item?

An Inventory Item is either a repair part or a product that you stock in your inventory. A repair part is an inventory item that can be used in a repair service. A product is a device, accessory or gadget that you can sell to your customers.

Here are a few help articles to get you started with inventory items in RepairDesk:

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