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Ticket Settings

You can change ticket settings by going to Settings >> Module Configuration >> Tickets.

You can change settings such as name, email, default SMS no/ name, and supplied items list

You can also apply further settings by selecting check-boxes such as:

  • Display Tickets (assigned or un-assigned) to all employees
  • Can′t delete Ticket once invoice is generated
  • Can′t edit Ticket once Invoice is generated
  • don′t auto Create Invoice on Create Ticket
  • Close Ticket once invoice is created
  • Hide Unlocking Section
  • Hide Inventory Section
  • Hide Closed &: Cancelled Ticket on Listing page
You can also change view settings such as:
  • Manage Tickets Default View
  • Default Tickets View
  • Default Ticket Pagination 
  • CHange the Ticket Label Design 

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